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Jun 14, 2019

Cali's music is crafted piano composition alongside soulful vocals. She describes it as: "If Alanis, Tori Amos & Florence had a baby that made a soundtrack".

Classically trained opera singer & self-taught pianist, she's been making music her entire life, touring in the US/UK/Europe, and now settled in the London music scene.

Her debut album Flying Through Water is out now and can be streamed/purchased on Bandcamp/SoundCloud.

Cali has extensive experience as a singer performing Jazz/Soul/Motown/Rock and has collaborated with some Jazz & Swing greats like Robin Banerjee (Amy Winehouse), Hossam Ramsey & the Jive Aces.

She delivers an epic showstopper displaying her abilities as a captivating performer, master storyteller, and a powerful & diverse vocalist.

Cali recently teamed up with UK producer & writer Stuart Cooney to form Axiomatic Music for Film & TV.

Songs Featured by Cali:

Flying through water
If you want Blood
My Track
The Once and Future King

Quotes by Cali:

On Flying Through Water: “You want to achieve something that’s impossible”

On What’s your Music Like: “It’s Everything Good”

On asking to be on “The Voice”: “Reality TV is an Oxymoron, it doesn’t exist, these shows are very scripted, they are very manipulated, their selling television”

On Piano’s: The best piano in the world, is the Bosendorfer, James went online and found a used one on eBay selling for $99,000.00.





Axiomatic music project:

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