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Feb 1, 2019

“Speak to Me” its the subject of today's discussion, have you ever found yourself unconsciously repeating phrases, statements, using language that is not yours? Have you suddenly awoken after the words left your mouth and said to yourself, where the hell did that come from? that’s not me.

I want to get into all of that on today's show and question why do we (the huddled masses) impersonate each other constantly, and most of us do it in a way that we are not even aware of?

What about the unconscious repetition of certain words or phrases?“Absolutely” (I believe) started with the hit movie Rocky 1976, it started kind of slowly, But then it picked up speed and everyone everywhere in the US started saying, (instead of “I agree with you”), they opted for “Absolutely” and it picked up steam.

What about here in the NY/NJ area, “it” got substituted for, “It is what it is”?

How do you speak to people, how do you communicate? Do you observe what you say to people and is it authentic, or are you replaying sound bytes from your mind’s memory that is not really you being your authentic self?

The Reason why silence is good, it's healthy, my best friend, why Speak to me was necessary for me to write, was it really a man and woman, or was it, God?

“I love Seth Godin, the guy is so brilliant, I am reading his new book” “This is Marketing”.

“He protects his intellectual integrity by doing things that most people don’t do, like not watching TV, and not going on Facebook.”

“My favorite strategy is silence, so I am in the Seth camp, I have not watched TV for months and months, I can’t do Network Television stuff.”

“Everybody has to find their own way to protect themselves from the media bombardment, I think the overstimulation does not allow your brain to process properly, in a way that is healthy for you.”

The 10 most common misused phrases:

1) “I could care less”
2) “For all intensive purposes”
3) “You’ve got another think coming”
4) “ A complete 360”
5) “Jive with”
6) “It’s a doggy dog world”
7) “On tender hooks”
8) “Runner-ups”
9) “Nip in the but”?
10) “Irregardless”

About two years ago I noticed one yoga instructor started using the word “Equanimity” suddenly every Single Yoga class I attended, the instructor would start using “Equanimity” always a female, no dude is going to use that in a sentence!

In the US we had an election here in 2016 and shortly after that, I remember everyone using the term Xenophobe, how many people really knew what the word Xenophobe meant or where it came from? Talking heads on all the news channels they all knew all about it.

Seth Godin, the brilliant man, I am reading his new book, “this is marketing”, he stopped watching TV, does not go on FB…………me 2 on the TV, network TV is so horrible and unimaginative. It seems that after 9/11 we all decided we need a TV in every possible commercial office in the land, but don’t bend over, they are coming for your orifice next! My mind is a precious thing, and I will not waste it.

The Reason why silence is good, it's healthy, it’s my best friend, why Speak to me was necessary for me to write, was it really a man and a woman, or was it, God?

Lyrics Speak to Me
Author/Composer James Kevin O’Connor

Speak to me, if only with the beating, of your heart, Hey walk with me, can you feel the lines of demarcation, melt apart?

I Cherish every single color, in your silhouette, your presence, and your inner voice would always cut right through, all the noise, all the noise.

Speak to me, I’ll share with you the tools of my experience, I acquired them through the language of uncertainty, and I’ve learned that simple silence, holds the key, enlighten me, enlighten me...

I will protect you from the avalanche of pain, he’s just an old familiar visitor, from past campaigns, from past campaigns...

Speak to me with a silent gesture, with innocence and honesty, a warm look in your eyes, a gentle touch, your shared energy with me, and although you never made a sound, you now know how, to speak to me, you speak to me...

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