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Jan 25, 2019

What has happened to the American Family?

* Why I wrote “Family of Strangers” what was it all about, released in 1989, but written most likely two years before that, it address’s the weakening fabric of the American Family, how it used to be the core strength of our society, it’s not anymore, let's find out why?

* The Changing American Family

* European charts, and why certain countries have higher divorce rates than others

* Weather, do people stay together in the warmer climates? Because they are happier? I was convinced this is true, but I was all wrong! It’s the exact opposite!

* Why have so many of us turned our backs on God?

* What was it like to go public with a divorce in the ’60s?

* The US has the highest prison population in the world! Why is that?

* Why are people getting remarried? Do they really want another family, or do they just fear being alone?

* Ireland and Italy have a lower percentage of divorce.

* We should take time after a breakup to find out “who we are”

* 2nd and 3rd marriages have even higher failures!

* “Gender Genocide” another song about divorce that fits this episode.

* Curtis and Lisa Hudson wrote “Holiday” for Madonna, and Lisa sings with me on this featured track “Family of Strangers”

KO Electric:
Mike Carroll: Drums and Percussion
Charlie Peer: Bass
James Kevin O’Connor: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

“Family of Strangers” Lyrics, Author James Kevin O’Connor

I can hear the sound of footsteps, walking on down the street, a cadence shuffle worn by kids

With frantic feet, second mother third home, two stepbrothers and me, I can’t believe this is what God has planned for me there are no blood ties here, so

We’ve become a Family of Strangers,
No more leather-bound traditions, that we used to know
We’ve become a Family of Strangers
Inside and upside down, makes it hard for love to grow

I can see young fatherless faces
Silhouettes flash on my wall,
I can hear them asking questions,
As they stumble and fall

Hey Ma can you tell me, what my father was like
Did he walk and talk like me, and did he have ambition like me 
I would have loved to see but

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