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Jan 11, 2019

Meet Oliver Sean!


MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee (Best Worldwide Act) & Vh1 Top 10 artist Oliver Sean's music can best be described as 'Feel Good Acoustic Rock with Soul'. The Singer/Songwriter thrived in the Goa, Dubai and the UK cultures as they acted as the backdrop to his youth, and the inspiration for his music.

His discography with W.O.A. Entertainment began in 1999 with his single ‘There She Is Again’. Oliver Sean's media clippings have formed a career of their own.

Since his career was launched in his teens, Oliver's press clippings exceed several hundred features, snippets, and reviews in significant print and broadcast mediums. His brand of music is known for its pop influence with contemporary undertones. His debut album was nominated for 'International Album of the Year' by AVMax in 2003/04 along with albums by John Mayer, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Third Eye Blind.

Oliver Sean's eclectic global music style is the trademark for his brand and is as exotic as his Portuguese Goan Lineage. A self-taught musician, Oliver plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. However, it is his distinctive percussive guitar and powerfully seductive voice, which is his footprint on the music industry. His track record of being a hit songwriter is just one of his many assets defining him as a pillar in the music community. Oliver Sean is a member of the Recording Academy and a Voting Member for the prestigious Grammy Awards.

As a Record Producer and Filmmaker, Oliver Sean has composed music for theFrench Government (Massif Region Tourism Campaign) & Goa Government (Republic Day Parade). He has also composed the soundtrack as a music director for a Bollywood Feature Film and the title track for a Regional Goan Feature Film. The singer-songwriter is actively producing music for films and artists around the world and is a successful filmmaker with several music videos that he has Directed and Produced, regularly featured on Vh1 & MTV and also hosts his own nationally distributed radio show The WOAFM99 RadioShow.

Oliver Sean and his International Band are actively touring and performing worldwide and the Singer-Songwriter has recently launched his 4th studio album ‘Devil in Blue Jeans.’

Quotes from Oliver:

“I grew up in GOA, and Dubai, my Mom traveled a lot, and I traveled with her, she was a single Mom, and I am what I am because of her.”

“Thankfully I am a world artist, not in terms of Genre, but literally the sense “World”

“I was soaking up all of these different influences like the Eastern influences of tables and stars and everything, but primarily, I was always into the Police, Eric Clapton, BB King, I was a blues guy.”

“I was into rock, not metal but the hair bands, 80’s rock, and 90’s rock, but I always wanted to incorporate everything that was around me.”

“I got on MTV as a VJ, I was working towards my dream, in the end, I just wanted to make my music, and I applied for this MTV, VJ thing that was going on, and I always had a marketing sort of mind.”

“Growing up, I gravitated towards guys like Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, and Sting, my voice suited that kind of Songs.”

“I think every artist should be in a cover band for a while, to help you hone in on your skills, it really worked for me.”

“The entire top section of my house is full of guitars, on Devil in Blue Jeans, for example, I used my Gretch to get that hollow body rock ’n roll sound.”

On Film:
“My company now does a lot of music video production and we work closely with Viacom, VH1, and MTV, a lot of the independent artists that work with us, come on tour with us, because we organize these major tours, and they always want to make a music video with us, I used to be just in front of the camera giving my ideas about it, but then soon after I became a producer for these music video’s, and then after that, I was a director, then I became a cinematographer.”

The Band:
- Oliver Sean on Guitars
- Daren Edwards on Bass
- Luke Robinson on Drums

Features Songs:
- Come for Me
- Walk up and Kiss you
- Devil in Blue Jeans

The Video:
New York

You can follow Oliver here:









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