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Nov 30, 2018

Brian Sheil, a talented and determined music producer from Ireland has been to Los Angeles many times in search of the right place for him, has been offered 3 jobs, but still needs a sponsor to make it happen with current US/Ireland Immigration laws. 

Brian produced the vocals on Derek Ryan’s latest album, it went to #3 in overall iTunes official charts, and also produced Paul Skelton’s #1 Album, “Goosebumps II” which went to #1 in Irish iTunes dance chart and #3 in UK iTunes Dance Chart. 

Brian is also producing a new artist EP for “Chris Conroy”, he has a similar vibe to Dermot Kennedy. 

He has his sites set on being CEO and record company mogul for all of Ireland. 

Quotes from Brian: 

“I produced the #1 Record for Derek Ryan, I was 23 years of age, that was very inspiring, just to see that you can achieve what you want to do. It really struck home when Derek brought me this Gold disc, I put it up on the wall and your real proud because it’s your first #1.”

“One piece of advise I always give to younger people is to “Mind your ears” and take care of them because they are your career, their what makes the money essentially. It’s why people hire me as a producer, it’s not because I have the best equipment, although I would like to have the fanciest equipment, the one I always come back to is just to work hard, and have a work ethic that is unparalleled.” 

“For me it’s always been about the focus, I was very driven as a really young kid, I always noticed that I was, well I won’t say I was different, but it was really odd, because you know, in Ireland it’s all about the weekend, and socializing, and drinking. My lack of tolerance is because of the fact that I want to make it. Drinking and socializing is like taking my eye off the ball a little bit.” 

“My plan is great songs, great songs, great songwriters, great artists, and I think if you get that and marry it with whatever, either tech, Apple, Spotify, even on snapchat filter nowadays, there are so many ways to monetize and promote your songs. I still believe in A&R, I still believe in going to a club and seeing an artist.” 

“I love Pop, I love great singers, I don’t particularly like fixing what the singer should be doing, but I think a great song always helps. Right now I’m working with an LA producer Olivia Brazier, who is amazing, he is a producer-songwriter, and we are now a team, he is in LA, I am in Ireland, and were producing top 40 records. Great singers, people who can deliver a song” 

Parting Words: 

“I’m just going to keep working hard, my dream is to win Grammys and be that record company guy. That’s my dream, whether that’s starting off as a junior A&R record company executive in Los Angeles, or Nashville out finding great songs, finding great talent, I’ve been working in theatre for 10 year so, I think I know what looks well, I am a house sound engineer and I do lights, so I have a technical expertise that I can offer as well, and this is the other thing, I’m not going to be just a suit sitting in a room with the accountant.” 

Featured Songs and Videos: 

Brians's, Story 

Small Town Summer (Derek Ryan) 

Heart of Asia (Paul Skelton) 

Here I Stand (Derek Ryan) 

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