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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 5, 2018

*Spoiler alert:

It starts with doing the inner work to uncover what you want, then builds the right relationships intentionally to support your vision, all the while creating the financial freedom you need to choose how you spend your time.

On today's show:

“Being an entrepreneur is actually one part environmental in choice, and one part nature, so its sort of a nature/nurture conversation, I was born to work as an entrepreneur even though I didn’t know that word growing up, and it wasn’t something that was being lauded as the course to take, but it was always in my DNA, it was in my essence I was starting little business’s from the screened porch of my parents house trying to sell things to their friends.”

“I had to at some point choose to say, I’m going to work for myself, and that’s where you meet me today”

“My first business is in credit card processing, with my twin brother we set up a company to set up the way in which a business takes a credit card from their customer in any way shape or form.

The Robin Hood Effect:

“Trying to do well for the small business while there are so many people trying to take advantage of them, and make their pockets fatter along the way, we asked ourselves how do we find our space in this very crowded marketplace, and then how do we continue to be the honest transparent people that we wanted to be in an environment that really was not championing that whatsoever that people had become successful based on being the opposite.

Celebration Time:

Taking time to celebrate the joy of completing a large project, have some fun!
“What do you wish you could tell your 20, 30, or 40-year-old self? It is never I wish I worked more, it is always I wish I slowed down more, I wish I appreciated the journey more, I wish I had connected more with people, I wish I had appreciated what I had, instead of lamenting that which I didn’t.

Chill time:

How do you make time to chill with everything you have going on?
I Chill a lot, and I think it is in part that I had to let go of a lot of things, I had to let go of the need to control and manage everything which earlier in my career I was so afraid to delegate I was so afraid to hand things off, because I had this story in my head that it’s never gonna be as good, if it’s not done by me. The second I got comfortable with handing things off and letting go of it. That really had a lot to do with it, because that also then as a by-product freed me up to choose where do I invest my energy more than when I had to wear every hat for every business.

On Organizational skills:

“It can be easy to neglect or not exercise the muscle of organization, I don’t think that you have to be perfect or great at everything to be successful in the way that you define it, time is really important, and scheduling it in a way that creates boundaries for you that are healthy and is also respectful to other peoples time is really important”

On Mindset:

The biggest Achilles heel I've ever had and had so, so, strongly (especially in the early years) was the mindset that I wasn’t good enough and couldn’t do this and everyone else was better, and who am I to try this in the first place”

One of Darrah’s favorite thought leaders is Adam Grant.

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