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Podcasting Your Global Career

Aug 24, 2018

In this show James gets Heavy, but first, it's a MAC upgrade, using the Migration assistant over wireless, a brand new computer was installed at the James O’Connor Agency headquarters!
Moving all the programs and files over to the new computer via wireless, things went very well.

James had considered changing out the drive, however researching the complexities and the noise with the new fan, it seemed like a good idea to just go for a brand new 1 Terabyte Retina, iMac 27” James uses multiple backup systems offsite, Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. He also uses a 1 TB Seagate attached to the time machine for quick restores. (You could say he likes layers of safety!) When you create constant content 7 days a week, you need to be confident that you have fail-safes everywhere!

All Media content is on an outboard Seagate 1TB drive, that also gets backed up on the remote offsite backup services.
The story of Baphomet and the unveiling of this evil demonic statue at the Arkansas Capitol Building.

We discuss the reaction and the Evil ones and have a response to these Satanic cults and dark worship in this episode.
We are not including links on this horror show but you and find this information easily enough on Google.

The band “Mercy” was co-founded by Bishop Christine Mercy Johnson and James Kevin O’Connor and the debut is all about the very last days of Jesus. Christine was a victim of the pandemic flu attack in Great Britain in 1989, she was pronounced dead her family was making funeral arrangements while she was in the presence of the Lord at the Gates of Heaven, he told her “I am sending you back, it is not your time yet, you have work to do on my behalf”. We discuss more the process of how this album got created.
The band: Buddy Hyatt on piano and keys, Jim Hyatt on bass, James Mitchell on electric guitars, Shawn Fichter on drums, Glenn Duncan on Violin, Dobro, Acoustic guitar and other instruments as well! Kim Copeland Producer and “Kelly James (Schoenfeld) dHarmic Evolution podcast this morning hit a #1 in Germany, Sweden, and Singapore! Thank you all for your support!
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