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Podcasting Your Global Career

Apr 13, 2018

I remember when I started the dHarmic Evolution, I started all wrong, that's how I do almost everything, I just do it! Not advisable, you make too many mistakes that way, the good news is you "get it out there" I started by interviewing everybody and anybody, you should start with a very tight niche, then expand later. I did the opposite, I live in opposite day almost every day. What was intriguing to me, was the fact that my audience eventually told me what the show was supposed to be about, I was feeling grateful.

So it is with Gratitude, what is it? why an album title? what does it do for you, me, anyone? Let's rewind for a moment, I put out an album in 2014 titled "Geography of the Soul" immediately after releasing that project I had started writing the next record that was ultimately going to be called Gratitude, I can't remember exactly why but most of it came together very quickly, I was about 70% finished writing the record when I did a complete stop! It felt too self-serving, I was not feeling grateful enough!

Two years and 161 shows later and now in 71 countries, we are still finding new audiences to put our fabulous roster of Indie artists in front of to learn about their music. You should really check them out, every single one is on the dHarmic Evolution website and you can check out their blog, their show, their songs and show notes all on the site  now I was really feeling grateful.

While the Gratitude album was on hold, and during the inception of "Mercy" and the Agency (JOCA) I had one of my vetting and songwriting sessions with Christine and asked the Lord if I could finish the "Gratitude" album (I don't like anything left incomplete) he said through Christine (she hears his voice very clearly) "no, not this year, you won't have time, you can, however, put out a few singles". Ok, that was good enough for me. I was grateful.

Then as if the ball was dropping in Times Square on New Year's Eve, I get a call out of the blue last fall, it was Christine, "James the Lord gave me your album cover this morning" I said of course "What!! &*%$@0>??" She then described in perfect detail what he wanted to on the cover of the "Gratitude" album, "he wants your hands holding the dove" a few more trips back to Nashville to record, mix, and master, and behold "Gratitude" was born and released on January 15th, 2018. I am really, really, Grateful!!  You can download a copy here today!

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