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Nov 16, 2018

This was a fabulous interview with Jena, who takes us on a journey that encompasses, her walk with the Lord, Soul Sister Connections,

On walking with Jesus:

“It’s important to have that intimate relationship with God, not defined by how our conditioned state of the way that we live in our world tells us what that should look like.”                                        
“My Mom and I are the same it that we honor a person in their belief system, and their walk with God and how they interpret it.”

“I being an observer would always notice how people were fighting about that, even within our family about who’s right way, if you go to Church on Sat vs Sunday, if you eat a certain meat, or you pray a certain way, and that always has impacted my life in a bigger way.”

When did you know it was time to share your gifts?

“Way back even when I was a child, I always connected to the Angels, and I didn’t feel comfortable even saying, certainly I would have never said that in my 20’s, only certain people knew that part of me, my Mom being one of them, but I had more fear around it, fear about how the world would receive talking about that”

“I am 47 now, and I can look back and see that Jesus was actually teaching me to trust him, and what I mean by that is, I went into working a corporate job, I actually worked for 22 years but I would always mentor people on the side. What I really was passionate about, even in my role in that job, I was a manager, and one of my favorite things was being able to mentor other employees, and even other managers.”

On Sisterhood Connections:

“When I started sisterhood connections, I wasn’t keeping “him” (God) as the sole source in directing and guiding. Our passion sometimes can turn into our ego driving force. There were a lot of beautiful relationships and amazing things that were created in sisterhood connections. In the last year, I have been surrendering it all to Jesus. You know you have to let go of it if everything is hard.”

“I heard God a year ago James, tell me to let go of Sisterhood, and then my business partner told me that she no longer wanted to do it. It wasn’t a bad thing, but it took a whole year and now, I’m ready, I’m scared and its painful, and now today, every day it gets better, there is more light, and all of these women came in and supporting me and were actually excited for what is in store for me.”

A pivotal moment:

“I went into the vault and there was this woman sitting there and I felt God when you build that relationship with God you just know those moment’s, and you are listening. I reached out to her and she had been quiet for a couple of weeks. I felt guided to say to her, I am here for you if you ever need anything, are you ok? I felt that she needed something bigger, and she burst into tears, and she shared with me that she was going to commit suicide that night, and it changed me James and on a cellular level, it rocked my world. I couldn’t let go of that for at least a month, like what just happened?
I started coaching her outside of work, that is in the past and now she is healthy, and everything is going great for her.”

Highest purpose:

“That’s when you know you’re fully walking in alignment with your highest purpose. I started meeting clients in a coffee shop, I didn’t even have an office space. It was interesting because I didn’t go out and go looking, word of mouth just took over and then all of a sudden I realized I was scheduling people and meeting them in a coffee shop, I would charge them by the hour. I couldn’t wait to get off work so I could do that, thank God I have a beautiful husband who totally supported me, because my family and my friends thought I had gone off the rocker when I said I’m trading my high paying job, for an hourly coaching career.”

Biggest Save:

“I will share the story of this woman who was really hurting and had a lot of brokenness, she was even afraid of his name. She would get abused when she would do the wrong thing’s, spill something and you’re going to hell etc. I would use language that was more comforting to her, the universe, energy, etc, so that is my gift and I could bridge that gap. So I began to talk with her about that, and we built this really strong relationship and bond and after about a year, I began to talk about God a little more, and I told her I am not here to minister to you, but I just feel like I wanted to share this with you, and I would share things that helped me get my clarity with God, and you know to this day now, she promotes Jesus, she loves Jesus she is reborn again. There have been common themes where God brings people to me who have been hurt by religion.”

Transformation TV:

“You are feeling this pain and this disharmony because you’re trying to fit into a mold that God hasn’t created for you. I partnered with Transformation TV, and I had written a book just before which I should share titled 44 days returning the love. I know just the beginning to my next chapter in my life about helping people with relationships. Relationships starting with themselves and with God, because when you can align that, and be walking fully with who God created you to be, all other relationships thrive.”

Organizational tools:

Acuity, Google Calendar, Use the color codes!

The Universal blessing from Jena~

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