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Nov 2, 2018

We are delighted to be joined by singer, songwriter, poet, author, and voiceover artist Teresa Joy Haggerty. She is the author and creator of Tjoy creations. Today, she is going to share with us her story on how her journey began and how her experience has been ever since.

You write books for children, how did this idea come about?

 The idea to write this book came to me and not from me. I was about to go to bed one night when the idea to write the book came to me but since I was tired I decided to do it the next day. I woke up at 4:30 am the next morning and spent the next two days writing the book.

Can you take us through your journey and how it all happened?

Tjoycreations is what the combination of the book entails. I wrote the book then later illustrated it through paintings and collages and songs too. In the book, each character has their own way through which they interact with the main character.  

How did everything that is the songs, the paintings, come to you?

The song there is a path, for example, came to me a long time ago as I was wandering through the woods but it just fit into this book. Some of the other songs just came from the writing. As for the paintings, a bunch of different artwork started coming to me about 3 years ago but I hid them because I felt like they were too childish. However, as I was writing the book I realized that the paintings could actually be characters in the book. 

Tell us the meaning behind the name Trees of Joy.

I never really liked the name Teresa and always wondered what I could do with the name. I love trees and I have always felt like I really connect to them. So about 10 years ago I had a powerful experience that led me to change my name from “Teresa Joy” to “Trees of Joy” by combining the syllables from the name Teresa to “trees of” hence trees of joy. 

 You have been traveling for quite some time and you have been to many places, can you tell us about your experience and what you took away from that?

I have been very fortunate to get the chance to travel. On this particular trip I had been traveling for about a year and for me, it was a journey of seeking. At the time I wasn't really in the best place as I was going through some personal things and so this was a deep time for me. However, I got to interact with different people and see new places and got to break out of my own boundaries and I really loved this experience. 

As a coach, who do you feel like you would help out the most?

I think I’m drawn to people who are in that change phase of their lives. Mostly people from the ages 16-36 since there are so many things that are coming at them. I enjoy having soulful conversations with people and I love creating an environment where people feel safe expressing themselves. I like having deep connections with people and helping them reconnect with their inner selves. 

You come from a family that is tied to worship, how has this had an impact on you and how has it molded you?

I’m definitely the person I am today because of my roots and I feel like that’s the most important thing parents can give to their children. My parents really guided us on regular basis and from this, we got a really deep sense of connection to God. And being “the creative” that I am this has really been helpful to me.

Who are the audiences for your book?

When I was writing the book at first, the editor suggested that we target the children from the 5th grade. This book has a lot of epic journey tales and so I feel like it’s not only for children who can use it as a learning tool but also for people who are in the struggle of life and challenges.   

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