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Podcasting Your Global Career

Aug 17, 2018

 Growing up in Colombia, becoming a British Citizen, Now living in Pembrook Florida in the good old USA, an Author, Counselor, Creative, a mother of 3 all born in different countries, and a woman who puts God first in her life before all else, the way it should be. You can find out more about Dary at Luz Dary Griffiths and get the whole story on the book, her life, how she supports the challenges that women around the world face on a day to day basis, whether it be trapped with substance abuse, physical or emotional abuse, or just in the wrong relationship, she brings a guiding light for those looking for a change. You can find it all in the show notes on the dHarmic Evolution website or in iTunes.

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On today's show:

"I started writing this book when I was 17 years old in Colombia"

"I kept writing music and poems, and in 2012 I went to Africa for 3 months and had time to finish the story"

"I also decided to write it in two Languages, in Spanish, and in English"

"Some of the books is about me, but it is also about everything I have seen during my love and I have seen it all"

"I have a lot of experience and I have seen it all, I have so many good and bad ones that I have seen in my life"

"My Mother was a good Christian and always loved God, but when your a teenager, you want to do it your way, but later on in life, if we don't have hope and faith and don't believe in God, we will never be, he made us, I believe he is there, and he is the God of the Universe, I truly truly love him and I keep teaching my children that he is there"

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