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Podcasting Your Global Career

Mar 1, 2024

Bob Nissim, Helping and Educating Friends and Customers in The Financial Services Arena

Bob has been serving people through the financial services industry since first getting licensed to sell real estate in California in 1979.

In 1983, Bob got licensed in the securities industry with series 7 & 63 licenses and went on to spend 25 years mostly as a bond trader and portfolio manager for institutional investors.

He is now using his expertise building two businesses.  He is also a founding member in a growing life insurance agency. He also has a business consulting practice that operates completely on a contingency basis.  He get’s paid when the business receives money. 

He love’s this model because it puts his interests in perfect alignment.

He is a lifelong San Francisco Bay Area resident, and has been married to the same amazing woman for over 42 years. 

They have 2 beautiful daughters who are both married and have blessed them with 6 grandchildren.  They love spending time with family and taking advantage of all the amazing outdoor activities this great state has to offer.


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