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Podcasting Your Global Career

Feb 23, 2024

In addition to Organizational development, Strategy coaching, and positioning herself as a leader, here is more about what Jacqueline does for her clients!

I am an organic native to the Silicon Valley and greater Bay Area, with established roots in organizational development. Growing up in the epic center of a technology boom, surrounded by startups and innovated ideas has given me a playground with a variety of sandboxes to play in.

My experience and decision making is built around the data of personally watching companies fail and succeed.

Understanding what decisions led to those outcomes, what timelines were not met and why, what happens when the budget is not enough for the project at hand or staying in tuned with the latest technology that will close the gap on project deadlines, while at the same time maintaining personal relationships with clients. 

These project management insights coupled with a large understanding of company culture, employee behavior and the importance of partner development has made me a key player in any organization small or large, complex problems to building roadmaps for company succession and most importantly having a hand in making those plans and company goals a reality.

I am largely an action taker, the roll up your sleeves, get in the trenches kind of partner. I look at challenges as an opportunity to use current experience as a starting point to  find new ways to get to a solution and use different tool enhancements to achieve greater outcomes.  


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