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Podcasting Your Global Career

Feb 9, 2024

Lyndsay Phillips commands attention from both sides of the mic, she offers her clients the following:

Podcast Publishing, Promotion & Leveraging [Speaker, Podcast Host & Guest]

You invest A LOT into podcasting, whether you are a host or a guest. Your time, your resources, your team, and money.

So why not LEVERAGE the HECK out of it and…skyrocket your visibility, be seen as the go-to-expert, create consistent content and optimize for lead generation.

With Smooth Business Podcasting are a content marketing firm at the core, but experts in the podcasting industry. Sure we produce amazing podcast, but our LOVE is leveraging podcasts (whether you are a host or a guest) through our Podcast Leverage System and Podcast Guest Leverage System.

We believe in taking the project management off your plate, give you peace of mind and truly LEVERAGE your content and podcast to it's fullest, so you aren't killing yourself trying to figure out what to post and truly get the ROI you deserve out of your podcast.

Want to see what opportunities you are missing as podcast guest? Why not get a Podcast Guest Leverage Audit? Currently complimentary, but we will be charging soon! Head to our resource page to request yours.

And if you want more tips on how to leverage your podcast for higher growth be sure to tune in to my Leverage Your Podcast Show on my site, or search for it in your favorite podcast app!

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