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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 29, 2023

Bethany is a determined and resilient coach that teaches us what being the "Follow Up Boss" is all about. Having 5 children does not stop her from accomplishing her mission in life, "To Serve"

Quote #1

I've been an entrepreneur since I was a kid, and I've been selling things since I've been a kid. You know, starting out with selling home baked cookies or Girl Scout cookies or, you know, I have all kinds of things that I did. And as a kid, it's way easier. But as I grew up into an adult and got into adult business, it was harder, you know, it wasn't as cute. I wasn't selling something quite as appetizing as cookies. What I really learned very early on is that one, I cared very much for the people that I was connecting with. I wanted that to be a relationship that was mutually beneficial. It wasn't just about me pitching something to them for my own gain.

Quote #2

 I'm really good at asking lots of questions because I really want to know all about the person I'm meeting, and what I really found was when I focus on the other person, when I, looked at what their goals, dreams, hopes, passions are, I could figure out ways to support them and that creates, A social capital of sorts between us that allows me then later on when I do need something, because you know, at times I need stuff too.

Quote #3

Well, the thing that I often say to them is, do you feel like your sales process is either not in alignment with your values? And, or often times it's not getting the results you want, that's the practical side of it. What I'm able to do though, is I come with an outside set of eyes, you know, business, the business owner and their team are entrenched in the day to day stuff of their business.

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