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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 16, 2023

Carly Thornock:

Half family coach and half interior designer, I'm here for those intentional mamas who want to create meaningful and beautiful homes.  I promise inspiring, cozy vignettes and overwhelm obliteration. I host the Becoming Home Podcast, with new episodes dropping each Thursday. Tune in to learn how to think differently about your space and create your dream house (which includes great relationships-- or it wouldn't be your dream!).

Quote #1

"So we live in deep Delta. Where we're off grid, everything is produced by our community, or that's the goal at least. It's a self sufficient, goal oriented community. Right now we have to go to the grocery store every 10 days, make the trek out, back to town. But, it's self sufficient, we're living off the land, we're building these beautiful homes that are...built by us, which feels really fun and cool.  All different kinds of home construction that are super tight as far as energy efficiency goes and relatively inexpensive because we're building with our actual hands with the actual earth. Anyway, it's just so much fun. We love it a lot."

Quote #2

"Yeah, we do have a generator. Our solar banks last for four or five days of complete cloud. So that's nice. So we don't usually have to use our generator. We did start turning on our generator this winter when we had like three weeks of really cloudy. snowy weather, but we don't run it often. So it's really, it's really awesome. It's fun."

Quote #3

"I love that you call it service. That's how it feels in my soul. Thanks for seeing me. Thanks for seeing the artist in me. That's how it feels. I started out thinking I was going to get into architecture and interior design, something about space and something about visual, physical interaction with it. It's the way that my brain is wired. I'm not really sure, but I love it. I love all aspects of it. And actually I found myself in a marriage and family degree program at college because I got a full ride scholarship to this amazing university that didn't have an interior design or architecture program. So I went with my gut. We went to the university, found myself studying the family. And I realized that there's not a lot of research about how the family uses their space. There's a lot of research about how schools use space, how prisons use space, how hospitals use space. But we don't really talk about how houses or our homes, right, where we grow and develop and have our most sacred connection, and how our house can facilitate that."

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