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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 8, 2023

I had a really great time interviewing Chad in SLC, he opened the door to his methods and his skill in bringing out the best in his clients and business owners. 

Dive in deep to this interview and find out how its really done!


About Chad:

I am a coach and cornerman to business owners and founders. I thrive in conversation with the restless and relentless. Being a seasoned founder and entrepreneur myself in the media and ad world, I am intimately connected to the unique challenges and hurdles of those pursuing something bigger than themselves in business and relationships.

There is reward in discomfort, and I am a living invitation into the discomfort that produces change, growth, and vitality.

I live at the foot of the Wasatch range in Utah with my sweetheart of 18 years and my 3 kids. We spend our time camping, hiking, kayaking, mt. biking, and skiing. Pretty much anything that can be done in the wild.

Quote #1

"Why you're not getting to where you're getting? It's such a good question. The first thing we need to find out is how they're leading themselves. How do they relate to themselves? Are they telling themselves the truth? And more so than telling themselves the truth, are they willing to see and hear feedback?"


Quote #2

"Because without feedback nothing can change. Nothing new can be created without feedback. And you know what's crazy is that most of these companies, founders have been so good at listening to the feedback in the marketplace for their product or service, but it doesn't always translate to being with human beings in a meaningful way."

Quote #3

"I get along with everybody I can talk with anybody. And once I was able to get off of that, all that story that I've made up and that fear of like, oh, what if I am judgmental? Once I got off of that, I could see where in my life judgments had kept me from connecting with other people. Yeah. And that's actually the tool I used to keep safe, quote unquote, safe.

If you sense that there's more, there is"

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