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Podcasting Your Global Career

Aug 18, 2023

Amy uses her combined twenty years as a Media Executive, TV host, Recording Artist, Public Speaker, Corporate Spokesperson, and Sales Professional, to help others present and communicate a concise and professional message.

Amy's career also includes her accomplishment as an Author with her book "Lights Camera Action" reaching “bestseller” in the fall of 2021.  Her new music “Love Another Day” EP released in 2022 and the single “What if it All Goes Right” is now on radio and charting worldwide including Nashville Music Row Charts, and selected for the NY Times Summer 2022 Playlist.

Quote #1

First of all, what if it all goes right, what do we do at the end of that? Isn't it fantastic? The title alone snagged me the minute I saw it, and I hadn't even heard the melody or the chorus yet, so I knew that was the song  Was that in Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee? 

Yes, it's Sound Emporium Studio. I was so honored. It was written by amazing writers in Nashville. I was pitched a lot of music When we went into the song searching project a thousand songs, my a and r manager went through to bring down to a couple hundred that went to my producer and myself to weed through pitch sessions virtually.

Quote #2

We definitely have a different flow. I born and raised up in the LA area. I know what you're talking about. We still are up there to visit all the time. Family all lives up in the LA area, and then we come back to San Diego and it's okay. I can breathe. Yeah, you pay to live here, but boy, I can breathe. Yeah.


I was always singing, started singing at the age of three, started playing piano at the age of three. I was singing in cover bands. I grew up in the worship bands and the church choirs, school choirs, all of those things. So music was always the core root of my passion and my being. But, And as anything else, we have to provide.

We have to make a living and we have to do it well. And sales and real estate and mortgage really did that for me.


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