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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jul 28, 2023


Wes Wages is a content-generating, idea factory, family-man extraordinaire based in Nashville.

He's helped brands like Winnebago, Shipt, and Williams-Sonoma,

 as well as top-notch authors like Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt

 and Marie Forleo create content that's both engaging and



Quote #1

"So whenever you're presented with a problem, you have three solutions. And then whoever you're telling this to, you tell them what solution you would choose.

So for instance, if this is your kid or if this is an employee, they come to you with a problem. Well, they have to have three solutions to it, and they have to tell me which solution they would choose."

Quote #2

"Was it people, evangelizing your brand, what was it that helped you get to, um, this level of clientele?

100% referrals. Okay. It's meeting someone, going to events.

Shaking hands, getting to know people, and then always offering a

helping hand in any way, and then those are the people that would

always present my wife and I to other clients."

Quote #3

"We were shooting an event one time in Portland, Oregon, and somebody messaged me and said, Hey, I'd love to help out on your video team.

I didn't need volunteers. We had a crew that were paid, you know?

Right. But I was like, cool, if you wanna do this, that's okay. Yeah.

Well, I met that guy and his wife, well, they ended up getting us a job with Winnebago." 


When he's not busy being a content mastermind, you can find him flying the friendly skies .

With his innovative ideas and impeccable time-management skills, Wes is a true jack-of-all-trades.

Gems that Wes is Always Ready to Discuss 

  • -  How do you maintain a work/life balance with 4 kids and a wife who is also a CEO?
  • -  What would be your top recommendation for a call-to-action for viewers of a marketing video?
  • -  What videos do you suggest business owners or solopreneurs make?
  • -  You've worked with some top names in the industry, how did you make those
  • -  Do I need to be on Tiktok?
  • -  How do I start with video? I know I need it in my business.
  • -  Why do I need to create videos in my business?
  • -  Masterclass or Online course - I'm overwhelmed at the tech, can you help?
  • -  Testimonials, does my company need them?
  • -  How do I get great success stories for my product, course or business?
    Ideas For Main Topics and Focus Points:
  • -  Why you need video in your business.
  • -  How online courses are changing and what to do next.
  • -  Use video to connect with your audience.
  • -  Why success stories help tell your story better than you can.
  • -  Work/Life Balance
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