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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jul 21, 2023

C.K. Collins, aka Kelly, was an award-winning publisher and owner of a hyperlocal news publishing company. She sold her company and retired from the industry in 2021.

Believing that travel feeds the soul and grows the heart and mind, Kelly embarked on a two-year travel sabbatical to write her book, The Swipe Right Effect: The Power to Get Unstuck.

Kelly now leads a movement called The Momentum Effect where wise women can connect and build their next chapter in life.

Quote #1 “

That meant I needed to sell my business. So in Tennessee, it's assets must be split and so that meant the business would have to be split and I didn't want that to happen. Yeah. So I, I did a lot of soul searching. I went on this big long hike in Spain, and on that hike I just kind of laid out. Really just spent the next six months, just trying. I couldn't think too far ahead. Yeah, at one point I was six days I think, and so I came home, you know, I had already filed for divorce and I decided to sell the business. It happened really quickly, like within four months.”

Quote #2

“So I just really started getting stuck. So I was basically living a new version of my old life. Wow. And I had a runway this three years that I had to stay. So I just really started getting stuck. So I was basically living a new version of my old life. Wow. And so I thought if I could come up with a plan of something new and exciting, that that would be the way, you know, I, that I could give myself something to look forward to. Yeah. And you know, once I realized that whole new version of my old life, I knew I needed to make a big change. So I went to my brother and I said, you know what if I quit my job?”

Quote #3

“With the exception of Buenos Airs, I knew I was going for five weeks and I booked an Airbnb for five weeks. It was so cheap. Yeah. I mean, that's a great place to go on a budget. Yeah. And, and that, you know, part of the early retirement was I had to be on a budget. Right. And I had stayed in hostels. I wasn't afraid to stay in hostels. That solo travel, there's something so much deeper there than just the excitement of travel and the seeing the touristy spots. It's the courage that it takes to do it. Yeah. Helps you grow and your, your spirit becomes freer. Your heart gets bigger from the people that you meet. Yeah. And the people that accept you when you're traveling alone, people are so kind. And especially, I don't know, I'm sure it's with men too, but with women. You know, older couples always wanted to know what, what was going on with me. Like, why was I sitting in the square in Santiago by myself? Yeah. Yeah. Are you okay? Yeah. Can we buy you a glass of wine? Yeah. I'm like, I, I'm good.”

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