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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jul 7, 2023

Shawn Finnegan is a successful entrepreneur and business connection expert based in Utah, USA. He has made a name for himself through his innovative strategies and exceptional networking skills.

Shawn's passion for entrepreneurship began at an early age, as he witnessed each of his parents run their own successful businesses. After completing his education at Utah State University, Shawn managed divisions in the corporate world before pursuing his own endeavors.

Being in the trenches of both massive and small businesses, Shawn has discovered that any company’s success hinges on its ability to nurture genuine connections. He focuses on building professional relationships that mutually benefit all involved, emphasizing the importance of being authentic and transparent in all business interactions.

Quote #1

“So, you know, we purchased this building 15 years ago, got a really good price. Uh, we had a great tenant for a good decade, so COVID broke out and we lost our lease with that tenant.

And it was a very hard Monday. It was when the covid, like really hit commercial, we just got clobbered. So this, this space kind of stood vacant for a while.”

So it took us two years to build out what we have. As you can see, everything is is brand new sparkling cool. And our whole mission for doing that was to create a magnet for connecting with business owners. It's great for business, great for advice, great for everything. To just create a place where the community can, can come together like you saw at the event.


Quote #2

“The big, the big companies out there get taken care of. But not the small people. Yeah. And so small business owner. So as a small business owner, you have access to 1400 potential deductions. Versus a W2 person who, can maybe take two or three. So we're like, Hey, let's make sure that these small business owners are educated, taking time for planning, and actually do it right because they can save themselves a lot of money, put that money back where it belongs in the business”


Quote #3

(On Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank)

“Yeah, you know, the six degrees of separation are getting shorter. I think it's down to like four degrees of separation these days. Mm-hmm. You know? True. Yeah. Very true. So Kevin, Kevin has been a, a stellar partner and he, and you're, you're obviously from what you said earlier, you're not looking for a wall of stars, but to have somebody like that, um, representing your brand is, has gotta be just, uh, gotta be a grand slam because  the credibility factor is just awesome to have a shark there, you know?

Yeah. We get spikes, you know, certain things he's been, you know, and what I love about guys like that and his brand. He spends a lot of time building relationships. He doesn't have to, you know, he doesn't.  He has got incredible businesses, but he just shows you how important relationships are. If you're around individuals like that, he's constantly on the phone just like you are”

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