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Podcasting Your Global Career

May 19, 2023

Lisa Hammett is a Success Coach, helping stressed and burned out business owners and executives develop mental fitness, manage stress and anxiety, and get healthy.

After 26 years in the corporate retailing industry, she reached burnout. She left the corporate sector in 2005 and started her wellness journey, losing 65 pounds.

Since November of 2011, she has been a health and wellness coach for a global wellness company, helping thousands of members create sustainable healthy habits, lose weight, and maintain their weight loss. She launched her Success Coaching practice in May of 2020, to help individuals struggling with stress, mindset and weight gain.

In 2021, she completed an intensive global coaching program with HPC (High Performing Coach). She is currently working on her Positive Intelligence certification.


Quote #1

I just left that industry at a high paying salary and it did cause significant financial hardship for many years.

But I took the opportunity to improve upon my health and wellness, and that's when I lost my 65 pounds.



So my actual niche are executives and high level business owners, like over a million plus, uh, who are chronically stressed and either at or nearing burnout.

 I equally, coach men and women. I like them both, you know, for different reasons.



And I think why, it's because my foundation is mental fitness. And they understand the science behind it because it's based on cognitive behavioral theory, positive psychology, you know, they really understand that science and they appreciate it, and they just get a really clear understanding of how their thought patterns are impacting their behavior and how that can be changed to provide better productivity, better relationships, better health and wellness and so forth.


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