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Podcasting Your Global Career

May 9, 2023

Chris Lipper has been called the Entrepreneur's Whisperer. He is the founder of On The Bus™ where he offers Small Business Owners Coaching and Virtual Trade Shows.

Since even before Chris obtained his Series 7 at age 20, Chris has been on all sides of business transactions -- from professional inventor for 15 years in multiple industries, founder of five companies, and rolls in numerous industries.

He brings his experience to business owners in the On The Bus ™ with coaching, networking, training opportunities in the Metaverse.


Quote #1

So in 2014, one of my members said, oh, trade shows stink. I'm never gonna do another one.

And I said, well, maybe it's not the trade shows. Maybe you just stink at doing 'em. And let, let's figure it out.


Quote #2

On the Metaverse:

So within 10 minutes, it feels real.  Once you're past the wow effect, it feels real.


Yeah, you forget that you're in the metaverse and all of a sudden you're talking to people live and it becomes like a real thing


Quote #3

I think the answer is that I did the work. Yeah, I learned. You know, and maybe because I was moving, I wasn't distracted by a lot of outside stuff.

There wasn't a lot more for me to do, and I got immersed in this stuff. If it wasn't for the pandemic, none of this would've happened.


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