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Podcasting Your Global Career

Mar 28, 2023

Rosanne Baker Thornley Rocks the house on this interview and visits with me to talk about her new song that is the title track for her new album "Sorry I'm Late"

We get deep into one of my favorite topics, songwriting, going deep and finding the colors inside of yourself so you can transform them into a beautiful sonic landscape and splash them all over someones heart.........


“I love that I am able to step behind artists’ eyes and write songs from many perspectives and genres. From singer-songwriter to punk, I have a long history of collaborating, performing and writing. I lean in to understand the hearts of the artists who are sitting in front of me.”

Through listening, Rosanne lifts the artistry of the original artist/songwriters she works with such as - Justin Nozuka, Tyler Shaw, Ryland James, Jordan John, Paul Woida, Julian Taylor, Robb Torres, Mikalyn, Andrew Allen, Shannon Dooks, Ken Yates, Colin MacDonald (Trews), Havelin, Poesy, Vicki Brittle.