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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 14, 2022

In today’s show, we discuss with Dave Conway. Dave Conway is the founder of the international mindset and sales training company, Conway Consulting. Serving hundreds of clients all over the world in a range of industries, Dave was a coach and sales team member for Bob Proctor, has completed 1,500+ sales calls, led 900+ group presentations and has hosted 100+ workshops, closing millions in sales along the way. Dave has helped many of his clients consistently hit 6-figures per month, with over 80% of his client base experiencing an increase in their income. So strap your seatbelts and let’s take a ride to Saskatchewan, Canada on this ride of the dHarmic evolution podcast


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As a Preview

In today’s episode we discuss with Dave Conway, a coach and sales professional. Dave explains what it truly means to be active in the universe. Listen to him break down his experience of losing confidence at 21, to transitioning from carpentry to coach, and finally becoming the number 2 consultant under Bob Proctor in a year. This episode is simply filled with wisdom. Let’s dive in




Every human being contains two things: ideas or opinions and beliefs behind them-Dave


The suggestion is the most powerful force in the universe-Dave


I’ve been early on some things but it was my indecisiveness that I didn't follow through-James


There is a big difference between knowing something and understanding it-Dave


I love helping people manifest the life they want-Dave


We rarely think about what we want-Dave


The secret is desire: you have to desire what you want-Dave


We don't get paid from people, we get paid through people-Dave


I want to remove the mysteriousness of manifestation-Dave




00:53 Introducing Dave Conway

03:53 Dave’s career transition

04:30 Dave’s first encounter of Bob Proctor

05:50 Dave at 21: Losing confidence

07:10 Dave checking on Bob: Paradigm Shift

09:00 Did Dave losing his confidence affect the time before he met Bob

11:51 Being the no.2 consultant  in the world in 1 year

15:28 What gives Dave the most joy?

17:48 Developing your mindsets

20:10 The two kinds of people

22:52 Connecting with the audience

25:40 When did Dave decide to start consulting

28:30 Study habits

31:52 Working with Bob: The Matrix

36:50 Goals

38:59 Dave’s message to you

41:30 Conway Consulting’s programs

44:29 Boutique coaching

46:22 Dave and his wife, Jack in consulting together

49:53 Dave’s parting words 

52:10 Ride On with James Kevin


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