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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 2, 2022


Cass is a modern soul singer with a sound that embodies old-school cool with bold sexy optimism. Her sound takes its cue from a vintage sonic swagger a-la Amy Winehouse, but she’d be just as much at home drinking martinis with Andra Day, Brittany Howard and Nancy Sinatra at her favourite lounge bar in LA.Cass’s soul-leaning, sun-seeking songs remind you that if the champagne glass isn’t already full,then it’s at least half-full (and definitely never empty). Her signature chocolate-coated vocals are drenched in a feel-good vibe, and her megawatt smile and natural charisma draw you in with gravitational force.It isn’t just Cass’ new single “The Way I Feel About You” and its crowd-sourced video that have captured the imagination of her fans and industry. Cass’s acclaimed last single “Ain’t No Stopping Me '' hit over 1.7M streams on a recent US Hyundai commercial. Her music has also been featured on a US McDonalds ad, as well as multiple TV shows on Amazon Prime, Nine Network, and the E channel. So strap up your seatbelts, and let’s take a ride to Australia by way of LA California on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast.

As a Preview

In this episode, we have soulful singer Cass Eager discuss her two latest singles and a behind the scenes of “the way I feel about you”. A lot of introspection, we talk about Cass’ experience in co-writing, from dislike to joy. We talk about family, her agent husband and motherhood. We also talk about pushing ourselves when we have a supporter, a producer like Billy Elfer. Trust us, this episode is definitely one of a kind. Wanna know the Australian word for hiking? Get it all here on the dHarmic evolution podcast.


‘I always found myself feeling more like a mom than a musician so I had to find a way to make music more fun again’-Cass

‘Co-writing is one of those things the more you do, the more you get comfortable with it and you can recognize what a good fit is’-Cass

‘One note can have everything in it’-Cass

‘It’s more about the character than the impression’-Cass

‘You need new experiences to spark new emotion’-Cass

‘The song knows everything, you have to follow it and let it teach you what you should be doing.’-James

‘Ideas are everywhere, we have to remind ourselves to tune that again and get our vibe back on’-James

‘We’re here to grow, expand and be joyful’-Cass  



03:15 How did Cass end up in LA?

06:07 How Cass’ view on co-writing changed

08:57 Working with Billy Lefler(producer)

13:10 If you were my king by Cass plays

16:45 Behind If you were my king.

18:05 Cass’ early influences

20:45 Voice or Instrument?

21:54 Cass’ first song

23:00 Where is Cass based now? LA or Australia

24:12 Cass’ first experience in LA

25:52 Cass’ eclectic taste in soul and music

29:20 Getting deeper into If you were my king

31:19 The way I feel about you by Cass plays

35:44 The way I feel about you production with Billy

40:40 Behind the video of the way I feel about you

43:30 What is downtime for Cass?

45:33 Being alone as a writer

54:51 Album title?

55:10 Where can we find Cass mostly?

55:43 Last words from Cass

58:00 Ride on by James Kevin O’Connor plays


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Billy Lefler

Rick Franklin

Ride On by James Kevin O’Connor

The way I feel about you

If you were my king

Bush walking

Elizabeth Gilbert