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Podcasting Your Global Career

Aug 19, 2022

In today’s episode, we have our Spotlight Series 5, where we talk about some of the best artists' time on the show. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the dHarmic Evolution is centered around discovering indie singers/songwriters before they get discovered by the mainstream. In addition, the show features authors, speakers, and thought leaders, the core culture of the dHarmic Evolution brand is built around doing for others. So strap up your seatbelts, and let’s take a ride to Georgia USA, the UK, Perth, Australia, and finally Nashville TN on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast.


As a preview

In this episode, we present our Spotlight series 5. Here we shine an extra light on some of the best talents ever on this show which for obvious reasons is difficult. Not just because they are excellent artists but these talents weren’t scouted for our show. We went out to get these talents. We discuss Sam Koon’s transition to rock, Holly Lovelady’s upcoming UK and Ireland tour, the original music scene in Perth Australia with Zack Linton and finally conclude with Teresa Guidry’s slice of interview and her hit single “Paris”.



“Co-writing is something you experience where you realize two heads are better than one”                  - Sam Koon

“My Tour is going to start on the 2nd of September, and start in Dublin, it will be my first official proper tour”- Holly Lovelady

“I just love guitars. I’ve been buying and playing different ones” -Zack Linton

“When you write with somebody, it can go in all different ways, but when I wrote with Lily it clicked” -Teresa Guidry


Time Stamps

03:10 Our Spotlight guests and how we book them on the show

05:47 Sam’s opportunity to front a band

08:52 What song led the transition of Sam’s rock to country

10:25 Sam’s co-writing experience

12:33 Best of Us from Sam Koon plays

15:53 Introducing Holly Lovelady

17:35 Holly’s experience skateboarding

18:49 Holly’s upcoming tour

21:00 Something in the Way from Holly plays

24:40 Introducing Zack Linton

27:31 Zack Linton’s three-piece music presentation

29:55 The original music scene in Australia

32:33 Travelling from west to east Australia

34:00 Zack’s music gear

36:05 Balance from Zack Linton plays

39:37 Introducing Teresa Guidry

42:05 Celebrating Theresa’s new single Paris

43:24 Teresa’s transition to Nashville

46:31 The production of Paris

50:26 Co-writing Paris

52:17 Theresa’s first co-writing experience

54:21 Paris from Teresa Plays

58:35 How to apply for the show

59:05 Ride On from James Kevin O’Connor plays


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Special Links and Mentions

So Far Sounds

Stevie Ray

Bluebird Cafe

Sam Heart

Best of Us by Sam Koon

Something in the Way by Holly Lovelady

Balance by Zack Linton

Paris by Teresa Guidry

Ride On by James Kevin O’Connor


Connect with our Spotlight Series 5 Artists

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