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Podcasting Your Global Career

May 13, 2022

Today’s guest artist is from Liverpool, England. A folk, electropop singer, balladeer and songwriter. She’s also an actress. She has amassed millions of views of  her content, been named song of the year in 2019 and been published in top magazines like Wonderland. So strap up your seatbelts and let’s take a ride to Liverpool, England on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast.

As a preview:

In this episode, get to learn more about Holly’s relationship that inspired her favorite song, Holly’s homebird personality, her love for skateboarding and connecting with people physically. Get to learn more about how Holly’s career came to be, her upcoming tour and how she got into the Cannes film festival, all here on the dHarmic Evolution podcast.

More about Holly Lovelady

Find out more about Holly and hear her music through different platforms. All the links are provided below! Check out her website, social media pages and music platforms that you can visit.


“You’re in love with someone and they can make the whole world beautiful. They can change it all just like that.” -Holly

“All my music and creativity comes from my grandad who was also a singer.”- Holly

“Sometimes inspiration comes by meeting somebody and they tell me a story and I’m inspired to write something but it’s very natural. It’s usually at  9 a.m.  and I’m half asleep at my piano.” – Holly

“I think it’s a song that doesn’t require music. It’s a story and the story is the most important part.”- Holly

“You are not really concerned with the genre; it sounds like the music selected you” - James

 Time Stamps:

00:54 Opportunity to get featured on the Dharmic Rising Star Playlist

01:27 Guest artist introduction

03:42 Holly’s skateboarding experience

06:55 Listen to “Something in the Way” by Holly

10:12 Why Holly wrote “Something in the Way”

11:16 How Holly discovered an interest in Shakespeare plays through her grandad.

12:42 Holly’s observation on social media and forming real interactions

14:30 James touches on dating sites and forming real connections

16:22 Holly’s interest in performing on Sofar Sounds

19:00 What is the process behind Holly’s songwriting

20:22 Holly’s upcoming tour in UK and Ireland

21:39 James wonderful advice for Holly’s stage appearance

23:50 Listen to Holly’s “Dreamer”.

28:30 How Holly came to discover “Dreamer”

30:45 How Holly got into singing as a career path

33:10 How Holly got into the Cannes Film Festival

35:10 How does Holly relax and spend time with family

36:47 Holly’s dog Chester makes a show appearance

37:57 Holly and Linktree

40:23 Holly’s Aspirations for her Music and Acting career

44:00 Listen to Ride On by James Kevin O’Connor


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