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Nov 26, 2021

It was a real pleasure to do the interview with an awesome guest today on this episode of dHarmic Evolution. We have this gentleman who is a soldier, a troubadour, a singer and a songwriter. He is many things! But most importantly, he is a man who walks with God. Strap up your seatbelts, were going to hang out today with Scott Edward Jones from Erie, Pennsylvania!


Scott graduated from Pine Crest Bible College in 1991, and has served in many capacities at Erie First assembly of God since 1996. Scotts ministry was born to a faith walk in the Lord Jesus Christ through hardship and happy times. His songs are well crafted, catchy and easy to sing along with. God has been preparing him for this season of ministry since he sang his first song unto the Lord,” back in 1969. All his songs are rooted in the scripture and are doctrinally sound in the evangelical traditions. 


There is a lot of wisdom engrained in Scott. We had a very spirited and valuable conversation and I hope we will take to heart all the lessons and the suggestions that he has been so profound in sharing with us today. Get to know more about this man, hear his songs, his stories, his adventures, all the things that he has been through in his life and be inspired by this amazing man of God, Scott Edward Jones!


More about Scott Edward Jones

Visit Scotts website, named Funky Sunday Party” and dont forget to check him out on his social media pages and music platforms and support his works. See all the available links below!



Things didn't get better, but I was in the right place with the Lord, and that's where I needed to be. Sometimes you have to be torn down to be built back up properly, that's what he did for me on that deployment.”


There's other people out there that have felt unworthy of love. They don't feel that they're good enough, or they've made too many mistakes, or they've just got their own records of their past. I'm here to tell them, you're worthy of love too.”


Theres an interesting quote, brother James, that said, God told me to forgive my enemies. So I forgave myself.””


Honestly, my ultimate goal is, I'm singing my songs to an audience of one. My songs are really just, you're getting a little peek into my prayer life. I'm sharing intimate thoughts with my Savior, with God. Theyre songs of praise, most of them, all of them really, some more than others. But it's an audience of one. Really, my overall goal is that when I stand before God, on my judgement day, he says Well done, good and faithful servant.” and turn for your rest and turn to the kingdom. So that's where I'm at.”



“ So to me, its if I'm speaking the truth, if that makes you not like me, that's the price I have to pay.”



We only know in part, we only see in part. If you'll watch that video, I'm carrying a crown. That's my purpose. So I know my purpose, I know why I'm here now. I know my lane, and I'm walking in the confidence of that.”



If you feel that God's called you to do something, do more than make a decision, take an action.”




01:34 Introducing Scott Edward Jones

03:24 Scott tells how he first got acclimated and got into the service.

07:58 How was  Scotts experience when he first got to Afghanistan?

09:40 Scott shared how he met God in his deployment and how it changed his life.

11:41 How his encounter with God gave him a sense of inner calm to deal with his circumstance better

14:10 The reason why there were issues with his unit and how he stood up for justice.

16:34 Listen to Worthy of Love” by Scott Edward Jones.

19:25 The story behind Worthy of Love”

22:32 What is a good safe place for Scott to do his dialect therapy and share whats going on?  

25:35 The approach in music and the process of creating songs for Scott Edward Jones.

29:29 Does Scott pile his work and come back to it, or just makes it all done until he finishes it?

31:27 Listen to Signs of Apocalypse” by Scott Edward Jones.

35:38 Scott shares his thoughts watching all the Signs of Apocalypse” unfold on a day to day basis?

40:17 As a Christian, who's a writer, singer-songwriter, when Scott looks out and sees all the craziness going on, does it affect him?

47:07 Scotts words of wisdom, prayer, and blessing to the audience.

51:28 Listen to Ride On” by James Kevin OConnor


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