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Aug 27, 2021

Let's head out to Lancaster Pennsylvania today, where soul and pop is not on everyone’s playlist. But, we’ve got a truly original artist who treats her lyrical composition and vocal delivery with the same respect as an artist taking their brush strokes to a fresh virgin canvas. This makes perfect sense as her influences include Corinne Bailey Rae, Tori Kelly, and Stevie Wonder. We’re never put in a genre-exclusive category, so why should her music be?  She is soulful, with a youthful overlay of pop but also intertwined with her love of folk music and alt-rock.  We’re going to hang out with none other than Kiana Corley!

Kiana is a multi-instrumentalist. She started at the early age of 12. She alluded to the fact that, if you play different instruments, it gives you a different perspective on songs, songwriting, and production.

In Kiana’s most recent album, the songs follow a storyline of a young romance, which started on shaky ground with two people pretending it was solid. She's extremely motivated by helping and inspiring others through her authentically original music. Her music video premiered on Celeb Secrets this year, and she also signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records.

Get to know more of her, and get to listen to a solid, wonderful style, and an eclectic mix of all of the best stuff ever heard on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution with Kiana Corley.

More about Kiana Corley

Kiana is mostly on her Instagram, but all the links on how you can find here are provided below. Check out and support Kiana and her amazing music.



“ I just feel like if you make music that good, it's always gonna just resurface in some way, just for the years to go on. Like, I think they definitely deserve to be forever growing. “


“I'm really blessed to be able to have that ability to share things in my life with people. Especially because I'm definitely not a person that talks about myself in a regular sense. I'm not going to tell you my whole life when we first meet, but I will share that with you if you listen to things that I wrote. That's kind of my way of teaching people about myself.”


“I try to just take care of my body as much as I can. Because I think that if you don't do some sort of movement, or some sort of meditation, or journaling, or anything like that, it can catch up to you. Your mental well-being and your physical well-being are definitely connected I believe, and they're both equally as important.”


“Just really pursue the honest opportunities and be honest with yourself about what you want as an artist and what you can bring. Be confident too, because everybody brings something different and all of it is needed. There's a space for all of it. There's a place for literally every artist, I really truly believe that, as well. So, keep going.”


01:28     Introducing Kiana Corley

04:04     What did Kiana listen to growing up that got her into classically written songs?

09:33     Listen to “Chestnut” by  Kiana Corley

12:40     Kiana tells us about the song “Chestnut.”

14:05     Kiana took us back to the time when she felt in her heart that she is becoming a songwriter.

18:42     When did Kiana feel like she was growing as a songwriter, and embraced and owned it?

22:57     Listen to “Lukewarm” by  Kiana Corley

26:35     The metaphor behind the song “Lukewarm”

28:12     When did Kiana realize that she has lasered on the sound, timbre, and style that she has now?

30:24     What music school did Kiana go to?

31:22     How did Kiana become a multi-instrumentalist?

32:31     Kiana shares the people she works with, the production, and how her songs are born.

37:34     Outside of music, what does Kiana do in her downtime?

39:24     Kiana’s message and words of wisdom for the younger musicians and the best place to connect.

42:39     Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor

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