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May 28, 2021

We’re staying in Nashville today to listen to the wonderful music of a young lady who is a singer and a songwriter. She is originally from Rock Hill, SC but she moved to Nashville and felt that she is where she is meant to be. She had some great opportunities since then. She has been writing with Grammy-nominated songwriters. She gained national exposure on Team Blake as a contestant on NBC's 'The Voice'. She also sang the national anthem for the NFL’s Panthers. The latest on the list is that she had her new single and music video for ‘Paris’ featured on CMT. Let’s get to know more about Teresa Guidry!

Teresa just recently launched her brand-new song called ‘Paris’. She shares with us the people behind this and gives us a peek in the making of this song. We also have her song Red Wine, which leaves them feeling that they should listen to an old turntable. Aside from listening to hear great music, we’ll get to know her influences, what her day looks like and what are her goals in the future.

Teresa had a lot to go through before making it to where she is today and will get to know some of her side hustles and stories in this episode. Don’t miss out on this amazing young lady by the name of Teresa Guidry!

More about Teresa Guidry

Stick around to see what Teresa Guidry is up to. She definitely has a lot of things coming her way, so check on the links below to where you can follow and support her.



“As soon as I got here, I just started meeting people who made it feel like it was perfectly made for me and that I was doing the right thing… One event led to another but I didn't question it when I moved here all. It was, it just felt really right.”


“It's just one of those things where you get in a room with someone talented, and they can kind of look at it from an outsider's perspective. That's the really cool thing about finding someone like that to work with is because you're just joining your minds and finding what works for both of you, and really cool things can come out of it that way.”


“…everything on the outside was so scary that I had to find some sort of peace on the inside and honestly, it was a good year for me I feel it's like wrong to say but you know it kind of just gave my soul a break that it really needed.”


“It's like, you just have to do it. Right now, I'm kind of in a high place my life but this hasn't always been it. So, I would say that it's definitely going to be challenging. It's going to be a journey. But if this is what you truly feel like you were meant to do, then you just have to do it. Like, don't wait for the circumstances to be right because they never will be. You just kind of have to go with the flow. If you believe in yourself, just keep going. Because, I mean, if you won't do it yourself, no one else is going to do it for you either. So, I feel bad.”


01:53     Introducing Teresa Guidry

05:06     How was her transition to Nashville to pursue music

08:16     Teresa takes us to the studio in making her new song release, “Paris”

13:50     How was Teresa’s experience with co-writing.

16:15     Listen to “Paris” by Teresa Guidry

19:54     How was “Paris” written?

22:24     How did Teresa got through during the pandemic?

24:42     What is she looking forward to, did she have any gigs booked now?

26:25     How does one get on the CMT like Teresa?

31:08     Listen to “Red Wine” by Teresa Guidry

34:57     Where did Teresa get her vocal influence?

36:58     How was Teresa’s typical day go?

40:51     What are Teresa’s plans and visions for the next couple of years?

43:49     Her stay in Nashville has not been easy and she shared about the side hustles that she did.

48:28     Any words of wisdom that she would like to share with the audience and the community?

52:04     Listen to “Tango On” by James Kevin O’Connor

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