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Podcasting Your Global Career

Apr 16, 2021

We are honored to have a special guest on today’s episode of the dHarmic Evolution. She is a US Navy Commander, an orthodontist, a motivational speaker, a world traveler, and reigning International Ms. 2020. We’re going to Japan today to hang out with Navy Commander and Doctor Corinne Devin.

As a multi-passionate woman, she has learned to not only balance her passions but use them to make her a better officer. She is a daughter of the American Revolution deployed with the United States Navy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom to Al Asad. She also attended the Elite Tri-service Orthodontic Residency Program at Wilford Hall Medical Center. And, she’s a keynote speaker at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) conference to over 1000 Middle School girls for the Department of Defense in Japan and Italy.

Get to know more about her amazing stories in the US Navy and her travels on this episode. She also lets us know of her pageantry journey, her current life, and her plans for the future. Get ready to be inspired and amazed by this high achiever young lady who is very unique and lovely – Doctor and Commander Corinne Devin.

More about Corinne Devin

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“I was very blessed to have some wonderful, wonderful bosses and leaders who've been very supportive and have also told me what I need to do and that's to continue what I do. And I tell everyone, it requires a lot of discipline, it requires you doing (not) what you maybe want to do, like hit the snooze button, but actually what you have to do to get there.”


“You really have to know who you are, and be confident and not feel you have to apologize if your answer doesn't agree with the person you're speaking with. As long as you know, you feel acknowledged, and you also appreciate them and acknowledge and listen to them.”


“I love being part of a team. I love being part of a group. That's one thing the military has taught me – is being able to share that responsibility. So, we all can have a chance to unplug, but also to really be in that environment of growing and developing others, as well as pushing myself.”


Everywhere I go and everywhere I look, everyone's trying to do things to be more comfortable. They're looking for the more convenient. But I'm going to tell you that if you look at all these successful people that you aspire to be like, they come from a place of being uncomfortable. And when you were trying to avoid the pain or the struggle or the hard things, you are actively choosing to be average.


01:59     Introducing Commander Corinne Devin

06:20     How Corinne Devin started in the US Navy

11:21     How does Corinne’s day go like?

14:40     What is chill time for Corinne?

19:24     Are they still on lockdown in Japan?

21:02     What is the plan after Japan?

22:14     How did Corinne started doing pageants?

29:45     Corinne shares a story of when she got to Morocco

32:57     What was the most memorable country for Corinne?

35:56     Corinne’s book in the making

37:28     With COVID and everything, how are things in the Navy right now?

43:18     Where does Corinne see herself in the next five years?

46:10     Corinne’s message to the listeners.

49:43     Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor

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