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Apr 2, 2021

Weve got a fabulous guest today, as we usually do! She is an inspirational and best-selling author, facilitator, Self as an artist, and the Creator of Sol Path Yoga. Since 1995, she has been a student and teacher of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Inspired living. She specializes in sharing life-changing practices, and programs that empower us to live with more awareness, skill, peace, and love. She's known for her intuitive, poetic, and loving style. She inspires people all over the world to shine their divine light, live their unique magic, and honor their authentic path.

Shes a Mama, a Mystique, a Master of holding sacred space for personal evolution and spiritual practice. Were going to New Jersey today with Chara Rodriguera.

In this episode, well learn more of Charas stories, experiences, and life lessons that led her to the love that she found. She also leads us to meditation towards the end – this is an awesome experience even for those who havent tried meditating before. Get excited and tune in for this episode of dHarmic evolution with Chara.

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More about Chara Rodriguera

Check out, Chara Rodrigueras website. She shares a wonderful gift that you can get for free. This is called BREATHE and Let the Magic Begin” – a guided life-changing meditation.

Catch Charas online yoga classes as well at every Wednesday, 9:30 PM EST.



I think we're all on a healing and a blossoming journey. We're all on a journey of learning to give and receive love… To give, and receive, and embody love.”



As I became more aware and intentional about creating an inspired life, a heart-centered life, I started making more empowering choices, as to mindset messages that I was going to surround myself with the types of people, the types of organizations that I want to be a part of. And so, little by little I started gravitating toward other heart-centered, God-inspired people. And little by little, as the light started coming in, my life started to be a reflection of my deepest truth. And I call that walking our Soul path.”



Sometimes, when we are dealing with something that's upsetting us, that we feel angry about, or we're in a negative state about, we try to fight the negativity and we try to get rid of it, which causes a lot of resistance. And I have found – and this is what the practice of yoga and spiritual practices taught me – that by inviting the light in, inviting the love in, inviting spirit in, the forgiveness, the healing starts to happen automatically.”



I can have a lot of intentions throughout the day, but my one guiding intention is to be an instrument of universal love.”



“…Maybe they're not singer-songwriters, or an author or a writer, maybe they're calling us something different. I would like to share with you that that doesn't mean you're not a creator. Your life is your greatest art form. I believe our life is a creation, we create through our thoughts, words, our actions, and our choices.”



00:54 Introducing Chara Rodriguera

04:38 Check out Charas new book, Love”

06:51 How Chara started out in Yoga.

11:11 Why Breathe” is important.

13:07 Chara shares the three magical benefits of intentional deep breathing.

17:03 Chara has a complimentary gift for EVERYONE.

18:43 What happened along the way after Chara started teaching Yoga?

21:46 What led Chara to the love that saved her?

29:07 Did Chara find the forgiveness in her path, and did it help her get through the challenging part of her life?

36:14 Adding more to forgiveness.

41:33 Chara Rodriguera: For listeners who are not singers/songwriters/authors/writers – you are a creator as well.

43:19 How are Chara and her two little boys doing, in the midst of the pandemic.

45:15 Is Chara back to doing live Yoga classes now?

49:12 Meditating with Chara Rodriguera

57:40 Charas parting words with the listener


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LOVE: Sacred Poems and Self Images by Chara Rodriguera – Chara Rodrigueras books