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Podcasting Your Global Career

Dec 18, 2020

We’re back with another Spotlight series today! I’m delighted to give attention to these four awesome artists we are revisiting. We are enclosing the links of the full interviews below so check to download them and here all for songs from each artist!

Let’s listen and enjoy the music and stories from these singer-songwriters, musicians, and vocalists. We’ve got four talented artists lined up today:

  • MoeDeLL
  • Jordan White
  • Kylie Odetta
  • Mikalyn Hay

Interview with MoeDell

We’ll start this show with MoeDeLL -- a hardworking and talented man that holds 250-270 shows a year. He has performed for crowds of every size, from farmers' markets to bars, and corporate events.

MoeDeLL is a prolific Americana songwriter. He plays the guitar and will captivate you with his unique voice and creative lyrics. He loved music as a kid and he started to learn to play the guitar at 9 years old.

Listen to MoeDeLL’s song being featured today in the show, “Hoppin’ Trains”. 

You can listen to MoeDeLL’s full interview here:

Interview with Jordan White

Next, we have Jordan White, a young man originally from Philadelphia. He writes great pop-rock songs that really cut to the heart. He has a good voice and a great chord structure. Every time he comes up with something new I am plugging in and listening, I have become a fan...

He’s been on the dHarmic evolution twice. Let’s look back on the conversation where Jordan is describing some transitional period in his life which led to the recording of the track being featured today.

The song is Jordan’s title track for his new EP, “High Road”.

You can listen to Jordan’s past full interviews here:

Interview with Kylie Odetta

Now, we’ll have a young lady which is way wiser beyond her years, Kylie Odetta.  She is an indie/soul singer-songwriter. She creates music that is powerful and dreamy. Her raspy voice will definitely capture you.

We have one of Kylie’s smash hits “Under the Sun” featured today on the show.

She shared on the show before a cool discussion about songwriting, vocals, voice changing, surgery, and mostly sounds. She also mentioned one of her favorite shows that created a cozy welcoming experience where people get to be a part of the music and it’s not just her who performs on stage.

You can listen to Kylie’s past full interviews here:

Interview with Mikalyn Hay 

Lastly, we have a hardworking and fabulously talented young lady from Guelph Canada. Talent and work ethic combined is a powerful elixir and it is Mikalyn Hay. She is a talented singer-songwriter and an in-demand collaborator.  She also had a list of achievements and awards that are really so impressive!

Mikalyn’s song featured today on the show is “Deep End”.

There are a lot of cool things and cool places to visit in her hometown and she shared them with us! Check out these cafés mentioned by Mikalyn, “Red Brick Cafe”, “B Side Lounge”, “Kate’s Cafe”, where you might also catch her life. There’s also discussion about pre-production, the studio, friends, and support. 

You can listen to Mikalyn’s full interview here:


00:30   Spotlight Series 3

4:08   MoeDeLL

7:22   Listen to “Hoppin’ Trains” by MoeDeLL

11:17   Jordan White

14:55   Listen to “High Road” by Jordan White

18:07   Kylie Odetta

26:30   Listen to “Under the Sun” by Kylie Odetta

29:24   Mikalyn Hay

39:23   Listen to “Deep End” by Mikalyn Hay

43:53   Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

Check out the Spotify playlist “Rising dHarmic Stars”

An awesome collection of music from artists who have exclusively been on the dharmic Evolution!


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