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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 16, 2020

It’s always a joy for me to see when someone is blessed with musical talent and then decides to share her blessings with others. I am very delighted to be joined today by a musician with a good heart - Megan Nadin!

Today we will have a glimpse of Megan’s life, music, and her debut album “This Was Then”. All the way from Thunder Bay, Canada, Megan moved to the music city last January. This emerging artist has a very unique and original sound, with her voice being her main instrument, it is a surprise to many that she only started her music career in 2017. Her mission is to change lives by being an honest and authentic voice to those in need and providing hope through altruistic platforms. This is very palpable to Megan’s life because she was a teacher before she pursued her career and passion for music.

Wanting her music to be so real, she masterfully uses lyrics and melody that help paint the picture of the story, Megan is lucky enough to work with some really great creatives in the industry. Producer/songwriter Johnny Black has helped her create a demo. From there, she has built it up with the producer, Keith Thomas, who has worked with incredible people like Whitney Houston and Amy Grant. With this wonderful team, the production is stellar. The brilliance of how it was crafted around the subtleties of Megan’s voice is very evident.

Weight loss journey

Megan is not only an inspiration in her music career but also her weight loss journey. She has lost 61 pounds! Knowing family and friends with medical conditions, and wanting to be around for a really long-time inspired Megan to make sure that she has a healthy body and mind. She apprenticed to be a chef for two years and started making her meals from scratch. It did not happen in an instant.

It also helped that Megan is surrounded by strong and empowering women helping her not to view her weight as a struggle. As an artist, she wants us to stand up for who we are as people. That it’s all about a good mindset and how people treat themselves.

Inspirations behind her songs

Beautiful Things was written when her friend gifted her the Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac. Megan and her friend were talking about the success and everything good that came from the album, but the band was suffering as a group. Unexpectedly, the lyrics came out from her mouth: “it's crazy that some of the most beautiful things come together when things are falling apart, like the sweetest song written by a broken heart”. While the album inspired the main lyric, the actual verses are built upon a series of journal entries written down by Megan.

Heart of a Lion was Megan’s first opportunity to work with the producer, Keith Thomas. It was her first writing session with Keith, and he just started playing the piano and Megan began singing into the air. Voila! Lyrics and melodies are coming out, and the song was created within that day. This has set the precedence of their future projects together. In fact, he ended up being the executive producer of this new album.

The song was influenced by the notes that Keith was playing. It painted a picture in Megan’s head where she envisioned a person that had it all together but deep down, this person is falling apart.

The Joker was literally from the movie “Joker”. The movie unmasked and unveiled a lot of the things people deal with in society. She was so moved and inspired that she was able to write the song in one night. She painted the life of this beautiful person who had been jaded and treated unfairly.

Learn more about Megan

Get to know more about Megan’s life, music, and even blogs by visiting her website. Her songs are also available on different streaming platforms listed below.


4:40 Transition from Thunder Bay, Canada to Nashville

6:31 Listen to “Beautiful Things” by Megan Nadin

13:14 Production process

16:08 Listen to “The Joker” by Megan Nadin

20:58 Megan’s weight loss journey and lifestyle change

28:19 Story behind “Heart of a Lion”

30:07 Listen to “Heart of a Lion” by Megan Nadin

34:15 How did Megan feel when she worked for the first time with Keith Thomas

35:47 The milk bath post on Instagram

36:41 Does Megan have tattoos?

41:01 Writing habits and regiments as a songwriter

42:42 What is her preferred instrument

44:22 Who are her most profound music influences

46:03 Listen to “Electric” by Megan Nadin

50:01 “Five Ways to Protect Your Energy That You Need to Try!” a blog by Megan

53:08 Story behind “The Joker”

54:58 Megan’s parting advice and message

59:57 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


I'm hopeful some of the most beautiful things come together when they fall apart, like the sweetest song written by a broken heart.

"Because at the end of the day, we all get old. And we know our looks can only take us so far. It's about who we are on the inside. It's about how we treat people, and it's about how we treat ourselves."

"I think naturally, you'll be more attractive no matter what weight you are, no matter how you look, or how people will perceive you there will be like an inner beauty that shines out that makes you beautiful, no matter what the physical appearance is."

"You are enough. You have a purpose; our purpose is always changing and growing and evolving, but just go with the flow and step into the fear."

"Fear comes up when you are on to something good; fear comes up when you are on the verge of something really good."



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