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Sep 4, 2020

Welcome to episode #284 of dHarmic Evolution

Labor day is celebrated on the first Monday of September and we all have the U.S Labor movement to thank for it.

This years’ Labor day celebration falls on September 7th for both the US and Canada.

However, most countries celebrate Labor Day on the 1st of May.

The history of labor day.

There are two versions explaining how Labor day began.

Version A

The first version is set in September 1882 by the Knights of Labor, who were at the time, one of the most important labor organizations in America.

This organization held a public parade on September 5th every year to honor workers.

With time, the Central Labor Union secretary Mathew Maguire proposed that the holiday be held on the 1st Monday of September to honor the epic public demonstrations held annually.

Version B

In the second version, labor day was proposed to the Central Labor Union by Peter McGuire, the Vice President of The American Federation of Labor in 1882.

He suggested it be held on the 1st Monday of September stating that the date is perfect because the weather is great during that time, and also, this falls between the July 4th celebrations and Thanksgiving.

The Haymarket Affair.

In May 1886, a time in which most American workers toiled for up to 20 hours a day, thousands of the laborers protested countrywide in different cities to demand an 8-hour workday.

The protesters were attacked by the police in Chicago, which resulted in tons of injuries and the death of six protesters.

Another peaceful protest was planned and the Chicago police once again showed up to man-handle the demonstraters.

An unidentified person exploded a bomb that killed an officer, causing the police to open fire. This resulted in a quagmire which led to the death of a dozen workers and police officers.

Labor day vs May day.

Communists and socialists across the globe decided to go with May 1st as the day to mark the Haymarket affair.

A conference was held in 1904 to make the 8-hour day the standard worldwide. This is what came to be known as Labor Day or International worker's day.

Effects of the pandemic

The pandemic had different impacts on individuals. While some people are happy about the opportunity to design a new lifestyle for themselves, others are stressing over the new normal, and can barely keep up with reality.

A lot of individuals have developed counterintuitive habits in order to replace their usual habits. And this has proven to be very stressful.

I think what’s important is that we take time to communicate, connect, and bond with our families.

Family is something that a lot of us usually take for granted, oftentimes until it’s too late and we’re in trouble, or realize that we can longer be with them despite their vital roles in our lives.

Winding up, I'd love to advise you on embracing these difficult times with open arms, and taking the time to reassess your life, in order to develop healthy habits to handle life; like spending time in nature or being in service to others.

More about this on DE265 - What are you doing at home

It’s understandable that a lot of people are suffering during this time. Taking a lesson from Paul in the bible, it’s vital that we learn to develop the spirit of perseverance. Enduring through the pain is what leads to growth and progress in life.



03:55 Trains and labor

05:22 The end of summer and start of Labor day

06:03 The meaning of labor day

08:04 Labor day history

09:55 The Haymarket affair

10:42 The Pullman strike

13:30 Labor day vs mayday

15:46 Other related stories

17:56 How has the pandemic affected your family?

21:37 The importance of family

23:42 Working on your music career

25:09 Getting through your days with advice from my depression manual.

31:46 Advice from Paul in the bible

34:28 Perseverance

36:21 Listen to Connected.

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