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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jan 1, 2021

Come with me as I visit Los Angeles with the wonderful artist, we have on the show today Isabelle Stillman! She is an overachiever and she is so many things – she's an educator, a teacher, a singer-songwriter, a musician, and a full-time student too.

Also, listen to her latest album “Heartrender” which is a collection of songs that navigate changing worlds and the strength that comes from the search for yourself.

Isabelle Stillman’s Music 

Most of Isabelle’s songs are lyric-based. She doesn’t want to bury the lyrics with the production that they are making. Well, you can definitely hear that with her songs feature today on the show, “Damage Control”, “The Gun”, “Tragicomedy” and “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?”

Know more about these songs and the back story of them. This is a collection of her and someone else’s experiences that will definitely captivate you.

Isabelle on balancing her careers 

Isabelle Stillman is a high school English teacher, a singer-songwriter and currently taking up a Master's in English and an MFA in Creative Writing in fiction.

She shares with us how complicated it is between her two careers. She also had a hard time preserving her creative side and needs to make sure she got to block off time to continue to be creative – to write, play, and practice. She’s planning of rethinking her schedule to balance things more.

More about Isabelle Stillman 

Isabelle updates things most frequently on Instagram and on her bio is a link where you can catch her on everything. All links to her social media pages are also listed below. 



“…it's definitely reinforcing for me how important a school community is to the health of a school and of its people.”


“…they think I'm always insisting that the person who held the gun is the person who has done damage, it’s an important lesson that I've learned, but one that we don't always tell young women for sure.”


“I think when we are afraid of one thing, in that case, the virus, we become afraid of almost everything.”


“…that's a lesson that I had to learn on my own, that not every interaction with love or intimacy is beautiful, and people hurt you.”


00:21   Shoutout to the listeners from India through Ghana

01:52   Introducing Isabel Stillman

04:41   Isabelle’s hometown and transitioning to L.A

06:45   Isabelle Stillman as a Teacher and what she thinks on Zoom classes

11:47   Listen to “Damage Control” by Isabelle Stillman

15:41   Is her stripped-down music done purposely or created during the record?

19:25   The story behind the song “Damage Control”

21:09   Listen to “The Gun” by Isabelle Stillman

24:33   A backstory on her song “The Gun”

25:45   How does Isabelle balance her two careers?

29:36   How does Isabelle manage her schedule as a teacher, full-time student, and musician?

35:08   What is “Tragicomedy” about?

36:33   Listen to “Tragicomedy” by Isabelle Stillman

39:11   A little discussion on her song Tragicomedy

42:56   What formed Isabelle as far as being an artist?

45:56   Isabelle Stillman’s music influences

48:32   Listen to “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?” by Isabelle Stillman

52:32   Isabelle tells the story of “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?”

55:45   Best place to connect with Isabelle Stillman

56:25   Isabelle’s parting words and best wishes for the listeners

58:57   Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

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Connect with Isabelle Stillman 


Facebook:       @isabellestillmanmusic

Instagram:       @isabellestillmanmusic

YouTube:        Isabelle Stillman Music

Spotify:            Isabelle Stillman