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Sep 24, 2021

We’ve got another killer singer-songwriter to welcome to the dHarmic Evolution. Hailing from Wexford, Pennsylvania, she's an independent R&B soul-pop artist, who has an absolutely stunning career going on in the music industry. Strap up your seatbelts as we go to Nashville to meet DANiiVORY.

Dani always had music in her life. Her mom was a music teacher, a liturgical minister and encouraged her to pursue her passion for music. She went on to obtain a higher education at the esteemed and famous Berklee College of Music, graduated with a dual degree in contemporary writing and production and vocal performance.

Dani has done it all! She's toured with Beyonce, small theaters, and big theaters. She is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and daughter, where she continues to write and record music with influences that range from Janet Jackson to The Beatles.

Dani has crafted a dreamy electronic pop sound that is all her own. Let’s listen together to this amazing singer-songwriter as we feature some of her great songs like “Blackout” and “Pink Lightning.” We’ll also get to know more about her, her experiences and also some future plans. Check out this episode of dHarmic Evolution with DANiiVORY!

More about DANiiVORY

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“..trying to balance having an infant child and still trying to pursue music and figure out okay, “Well, what sessions can I do? What can I not do? Is this gonna be worth my time?” That's what gets hard. So that's when it's like, if you have family close, definitely tap into that resource.”


“...I would lay down, like just a basic piano track and come up with ideas. Sometimes I'd be on the bus. I would come up with the lyrical idea, I'd record voice memos on my phone. Any songwriter probably has like millions of voicemail recordings”


“It was really more about the personal growth I was able to have as a performer and a young upcoming singer-songwriter, and seeing what it takes to be successful in that area of entertainment.”


“Don't stop, Keep it up. Keep going. Work on your craft. You just got to show up on the page and even if you don't feel like it, and it's a hard day, just push through it. You don't have to feel inspired every day but from there you can find the inspiration I feel like so it's just so important that you show up. Don't give up. Because just like anything else, an author they're not going to always come up with like their award-winning story every time they go to write something but you know they sit down every day and they show up at the page and they write, so it's in the monotony I guess on some of those days that you can find magic, I think.”


01:11 Introducing DANiiVORY

03:02 How is Dani’s musical life fitting around now that she is a mom of a wonderful daughter?

04:13 Dani shares her transition from LA to Nashville.

06:53 Listen to “Blackout” by DANiiVORY.

10:27 A little backstory on how Dani came up with “Blackout.”

12:47 Dani tells about her experiences in Thailand.

16:10 A peek inside the studio and production on how they arrived at the sound of “Blackout.”

18:16 Listen to “Pink Lightning” by DANiiVORY

21:57 How was Dani’s experience touring with Beyoncé

24:03 Dani shares her personal take on the tour with Beyoncé as an artist and a performer.

25:28 What are the favorite gigs that Dani likes to do?

27:38 Dani talks about her mom being a music teacher and a minister.

29:33 What is  Berklee College of Music like?

31:32 Did the school help out with organizing her schedules day-to-day?

33:53 How was your experience with CeeLo Green?

34:33 What is life looking like for DANiiVORY in the next coming months and the end of the year?

35:27 The best place to connect to DANiiVORY

36:28 Dani’s words of wisdom and message to the upcoming singer-songwriters.

38:22 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


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