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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jun 12, 2016


On this episode, we go all the way to Georgia with BJ Wilbanks!


BJ believes in being true to yourself, and more importantly, being true to your craft! Music is something that requires creativity and authenticity. I agree! BJ is one who picks up his guitar and gets his musical muscles to work. He believes in real connections with people, especially your audience.


His songs are full of emotion and will definitely touch you. BJ is also part of Jill Pavel’s Heart Songs, which makes him one totally inspiring artist!


We talk about how he started getting into music and his background, as well as social media and how he uses it for his business.


Check out our conversation and snippets of his songs on today’s interview!


BJ Wilbanks songs featured:

  • Anything She Wants
  • Hold Down Your Happiness
  • Right Back Home
  • The Way You Feel


Reach out to BJ Wilbanks


Twitter: @BJWilbanks




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