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Jun 5, 2016

DE95 Cowboy Troy | Rounding Up the Music Scene


This rapping cowboy doesn’t only make great music, he also has the business brains to make it in the music industry.


Originally from Texas, Cowboy Troy grew up listening to a mix of different music genres - hence his eclectic tastes! He takes it from country music to jazz to top of the charts to pop. He’s everywhere!


Cowboy Troy began incorporating rap into his music when he realized how people responded well to music that made them want to get up from their seats and bust some moves! You gotta listen to his music, introducing us to the wonderful world of country meeting rap!


My favorite parts:

  • Cowboy Troy tells me about his beginnings and how he developed his ear for music
  • We talk about when exactly rap was introduced with melodies and powerful choruses - we’ll take you back! Listen up!
  • Music is business too. Of course, it is! We talk about the changing landscape of the music industry and how the audience prefers easy-to-access versions of songs
  • Also, Cowboy Troy sheds light on how expensive it is to produce an album!
  • The great thing about today’s world is that musicians are more supportive of other musicians!
  • How exactly did Cowboy Troy know what his audience preferred? Clue: surveys and social media! Listen in!

Cowboy Troy songs featured:

  • Liquor with the Locals
  • Three Party Train
  • Squaredance Boogie
  • Countdown to Vacation


Reach out to Camille Rae


Twitter: @cowboytroy




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