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Podcasting Your Global Career

Apr 27, 2016

How about a trip to Georgia to visit the lovely Alissa Feudo!


It all started with her brother teaching her how to play the guitar. She enjoyed it, she loved it - and from then on, it became a calling. Alissa is drawn to creating music she loves - I mean, don’t we all? From middle school to college, Alissa brought her passion and continuously molded her talents.


On this interview, Alissa shares with me her songwriting style and how she loves to play intimate acoustic gigs. But it doesn’t stop there! When you listen to her tracks, you can feel the electronic vibe and it’s so beautiful! Acoustic meets electronic - that’s a plus!

On this episode:

  • We get a glimpse of what Alissa Feudo is capable of: her unique sound!
  • She tells me about dealing with writer’s block and sometimes, she gets inspiration during these moments of silence!
  • Did you know Alissa always plays the flute? Wow!
  • She loves playing full band shows, but is also drawn more closely to acoustic shows
  • Alissa tells us about her journey and what she’s excited about in the future!


Alissa Feudo songs featured:

  • Hurricane
  • Yours to Keep
  • Thoughts I Wish You Heard
  • Insomnia

Reach out to Alissa Feudo


Twitter: @AlissaFeudo

Instagram: @alissafeudo




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