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Podcasting Your Global Career

Apr 20, 2016

Somebody’s got the fingers and ears for music - that’s for sure!


My guest for today, Jamie Dupuis, hails all the way from Ontario, Canada - and man, he just brought the dHarmic Evolution house down with his great pieces of guitar music! I’ve always been a fan of fingerstyle guitar playing - and this guy has got it nailed down! Trust me.


Michael Hedges? Yeah, close! He’s a fan, and so am I - so it’s a given that we hit it right off. I enjoyed every single bit of this interview. We talked about his different styles, how he writes his songs, and the techniques he uses. Listen in for more!

On this episode:

  • Learn how Jamie got into fingerstyle guitar playing
  • Find out how he comes up with his music - his songwriting process!
  • What are the equipment Jamie uses to record his songs? You’ll be amazed at how simple but remarkable his stuff are!
  • Of course, get a dose of his amazing guitar skills by listening to snippets of his songs!


Jamie Dupuis songs featured:

  • Strength
  • Buster Bee
  • Clear Blue Sky
  • Hauntingly

Reach out to Jamie Dupuis




Instagram: @jamiedjazz

Twitter: @JamieDupuis

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