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Podcasting Your Global Career

Apr 13, 2016

Landed the lead role and got her song in a movie that would be featured at the Cannes Film Festival! How does one manage to do that?


Maggie McClure, homegrown musician from Oklahoma, moved all the way to Los Angeles to get her hustle on. And hustle on she did! Maggie made stops in Nashville and whipped up some amazing tunes and melodies with her husband - and yes, with a separate suitcase for all her coats too!


You wouldn’t believe what this young lady is capable of doing - she sings, she writes, she tours, she plays gigs, she acts. My, she IS all over the place. I’m impressed! Listen to hear more about Maggie and to get a taste of her beautiful music!

On this episode:

  • We get to hear some of Maggie’s songs - and you’ll be blown away for sure!
  • She tells us about touring and how she managed to start performing even when she was in college
  • Why did Maggie make the move to LA? Find out!
  • Like most artists, Maggie likes to write songs while on the road.. How about you?
  • She was in a short film called BLUR which got into the Cannes Film Festival. Beat that!
  • The very first time Maggie wrote a song was when she was 8 years old! Woah!


Maggie McClure songs featured:

  • Closer than Before
  • Good Morning and Good Night
  • Times Moves On
  • Troubled Heart

Reach out to Maggie McClure

Twitter: @maggiemcclure

Instagram: @maggiemcclure




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