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Podcasting Your Global Career

Dec 30, 2015

Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we go all the way to the United Kingdom again to chat with a talented RnB artist, Sophia May!


Sophia May always knew she had a knack for writing songs and singing - and she enjoyed what she was doing, so she pursued a musical career. Growing up listening to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, Sophia evolved into an amazing artist who mirrors the two musical legends in her tracks!


She spent some time in New York and got down with the Brooklyn boys and adapted the music in the area and brought it back to the UK. She has been doing both acoustic live shows and big performances with some great producers! You should check out her music; you’ll surely enjoy it!

On this episode:

  • Sophia May takes me back to her musical roots
  • She talks about her tracks and how they were conceived
  • Sophia May talks about how she feels when she performs acoustic shows! All musicians can relate to this!
  • She tells us about her writing process - pen and paper in hand with her handy Macbook to record melodies and harmonies
  • You’ll get to hear snippets of her music - hot, quirky, and enjoyable!
  • Sophia discusses about her future plans and gigs - stay connected with her!


Sophia May songs featured:

Follow Sophia May:

Sophia May’s website


Twitter: @sophiamaymusic

Instagram: @sophiamaymusic




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