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Nov 18, 2022

In today’s show, we feature violinist and creative force Asher Laub. Asher began classical violin training at the tender age of 2 and had already performed with the Buffalo philharmonic by age 13. Asher’s expertise in trans-genre improvisation and breakdancing across stages with his LED electric violin has led him to a career as a soloist in demand, performing at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Hammerstein Hall, Lincoln Center, the Jacob Javits Center, and across four continents.  Asher has also been featured on PBS and has made headlines on CNN, WABC, and NBC and many other major news sources.  So strap up your seatbelts and let’s take a ride from the music city New York City on this ride on the dHarmic evolution podcast.


James’ Workshop


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As a Preview

In today’s episode, we discuss with Asher Laub, an expert violinist. Asher takes us through what it means to start playing at the early large of 2 and the life-changing incident that put his career on hold. Further on, Asher shares his creative process when recording. We also learn about his multiple degrees and why he chose music. Finally, we listen to Asher’s final words on choosing happiness over the grind. This episode is simply amazing. Let’s dive in.




“Is there anything better than having kids? There’s nothing more rewarding”-Asher


“Under Resourced neighborhood in the South Bronx, those kids don't have deep education in music or the support from their family”-Asher


“You never forget your first experience with music”- James


“I am not a rank and file type of person and I don’t attribute this to ego, the violin needs to be given more credit”


“I never intended to make violin a career, regardless, my parents prepared me for full time”- Asher


“I chose music as a career path because I never wanted to feel like I was working”-Asher


“It’s important to meet your own needs than burning to the ground”-Asher



01:15 Introducing today’s guest

02:55 Asher’s injury in 2014

07:30 Showcasing a 1738 violin

08:56 Falling in love with violin: The Beginning

09:58 Neon Dreams from Asher plays

14:10 The inspiration behind Neon Dream

15:30 How does Asher create music

17:30 Does Asher write lyrics?

19:58 Did Asher always see himself doing crazy dance moves?

22:35 How does Asher go on tours?

23:40 Asher’s kids

26:14 Being a teacher at DOE

27:25 James’ experience teaching music at his son’s school

30:00 Atlantis from Asher plays

33:23 Behind Atlantis

38:00 Understanding the violin’s range

41:10 What does Asher do in his spare time?

42:55 Asher’s educational background 

47:27 Asher in the next 5 years

49:50 Asher’s final words

51:42 Ride On with James Kevin

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