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Oct 21, 2015

Neil's family moved out on him because of his after shave, Drums drew me into the music scene along with the Glam Rock stage. Drums really came up in the mix around the mid 80's, Bernie Taupin was someone I admired, I would write lyrics to Kenny G's music just to have a melody to work with. I started writing poetry in school, and wrote what I felt from the Heart. I went to Art College, a tutor there was working with a Producer, and put me in touch, I wrote "Talk to you" 

Vickie Fallon, on vocals, and Gareth Young Producer, Danni Minogue and the Sugar Babes, Neil Taylor, Tommy Denander, 

I have dreamt a song, and then woke up to a new song that I had written, Michael J Scott is someone I wrote some tracks with. 

Myspace still around? A new track we are working on its called "Crazy" 

The new Album "Emotional" is out by Michael J Scott, and has some of my work on it

David Cook influenced the track Lie, with his approach, Daughtry influenced my writing as well. I started writing the song Lie when I was 15, and finished it about 6 years ago, rewrites are good.

I use Chris at Studio Pros in LA for some of the vocals etc

Garreth Produced "Father" Tommy Denander just released a box set and included "Father" as one of the tracks on his record. My Uncle Influenced this song, and its good to take the time to appreciate the now!

Just write, and don't judge it, just write! When Prince was asked what is your best song, he replied, "The next one"


Neils Tracks

* Look so Deep

* You Gave your Heart

*  Lie

* Father