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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 18, 2015

Katey Laurel is from the great state of Colorado, but grew up in Vermont, then travelled in the VW bus, just like the hippie days! From the Delaware water Gap, to the Appalachian Mnts, with dulcimer playing, then a Coal town in Colorado. There were horses near the flat tops wilderness area, not far from Wyoming.

I have lived in an amazing place near the Mountains, but now am in the Suburbs, but still love being near the Mountains......

The Optimist, a really great track, and its me in perpetuity, overall I have an underlying hopefulness, and its my faith in God that keeps me that way. The inspirations in my life have been, Bluegrass, Classic Rock, Fleetwood Mac, Doc Watson, Tom Petty, Emy Lou Harris,Joan Baez, then I became influenced in Pop, Janet Jackson, Debbie Gibson, Paula Abdul.

Stevie Nicks, Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, Newsboys, Ben Folds Five, Cake, Natalie Merchant, Dixie Chicks.

Walnut Valley, Tuscon Folk Festival, Great American Song, International, Country Showdown, NPR Mountain Stage, International Songwriting Competition

Life is my inspiration, music is therapeutic, and captures the a Journal only better. "Its so great when you write something that's really good" I am part of the Durango Songwriters Conference and help out their administration. Meghan Trainor got signed through Durango.

I like to listen to Amos Lee, Asgeir from Iceland, Bon Iver, the weepies, Keith Urban, Shanai Twain. Alpha Rev, Katie Hertzog, Hawaiian Music, Hapa 

I write relationship, philisophical, and story songs, I play out regionally, and house concerts,

Books I have been reading, Ann Lamot, Traveling Mercy's, Jeanette Walls, The Glass Castle, Half Broke Horses, The Silver Star

Warren Huart worked with me on my new EP, and I have a Christmas Record coming out also.

Tracks played from Katey's music

* The Optimist

* Hurricane

* Periscope

* Thanks for Loving me

Links to Katey and her music