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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jul 3, 2020

Welcome to my imagination, and a unique perspective on how it was back then, specifically, Indians and Jesus.

My focus today is on the strong spiritual belief that the native Indians in America had. They not only recognized a form of divine power that existed but also appreciated the land and nature that a higher power had provided for them.

When the pilgrims migrated into America from Europe, they came here without much. They were tired and hungry from the long travels. It was the indigenous American Indians that offered them help by teaching them how to live and survive in harsh conditions.

Sadly though, the Indians have over time been corrupted by the immigrants and other communities and lost their land, and much of their indigenous cultural heritage and beliefs.

In conclusion, with the chaos going on throughout the country currently, there’s nothing better to turn to for answers and safety like the Lord.

Do some soul searching and decide where you want your faith and eternal heaven to be. Decide, and be free.


(1:06) The indigenous Indians’ connection to Jesus

(3:56) The chaos that’s currently going on in America

(5:14) My wish in the storm we’re going through

(7:22) Taking over the native Indian culture

(17:43) Listen to Indian Lake

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