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Jun 26, 2020

Cynthia Brando, Why Artists Are Prone To Sadness, Depression, and Suicide.

Joining me on the show today is Cynthia Brando.

A talented singer and songwriter, Cynthia is Based in L.A and has a recognizably unique and silky voice. She has over the years performed in many venues, festivals, homes, and as a street performer too.

Cynthia recently founded Music Emerging, a personal project where she devotes time to the emotional well being of her fellow colleagues in the music industry through her blog, workshops, life coaching, and other resources.

Show Notes

Always passionate about branding out into other scenes, Cynthia started Music Emerging 2 years ago as a side venture where she features other artists and holds unscripted conversations about their struggles, success, and failures.

She’s currently pivoting Music Emerging into a podcast as a way to keep her audience entertained with more content through her interviews.

Indie Road Tour experiences.

As a performing singer and songwriter, Cynthia enjoys the joy and satisfaction that comes from performing across different states in America.

One incident she particularly recalls and identifies as the most special moment is when she was performing at a house concert in New Mexico.

While playing her song Red Scarf (A song about depression and suicide), Cynthia noted that a woman in her audience was crying. The woman approached her after the show and explained to Cynthia that her son had committed suicide a couple of weeks before that day.

She thanked Cynthia for the emotionally deep song she played and praised her for her excellent songwriting skills.

Finding her artistic self

Always lacking confidence in herself, it’s taken Cynthia years to discover and sync with her true music self.

When starting out, Cynthia experimented with a diverse range of singing styles, before she finally decided to stick to her vintage style, which she describes as an Acoustic Folk Rock genre.

Her songwriting and singing rhythm is spiritually based, and this is where she draws the inspiration and confidence to produce her creative masterpieces.


(3:27) How Cynthia created Music Emerging

(7:49) Listen to The Changing Skies of My Life by Cynthia Brando

(11:47) Cynthia's road tour experience across different states.

(15:58) Listen to End of the World by Cynthia Brando

(21:27) Cynthia’s songwriting process.

(26:23) Listen to Fire in my Heart by Cynthia Brando.

(30:30) Cynthia's biggest road tour moments

(33:35) Depression amongst artists

(39:59) Listen to Sun and Moon by Cynthia Brando

(44:37) Cynthia’s schedule

(48:30) How artists are dealing with the pandemic


Education for me was always better through learning with experience. Through everyday actions and interactions. - Cynthia on how she learned a lot through her Tours

Artists feel a little bit deeper as far as creativity in content is concerned. This is through the power they draw in order to share content that’s universal and special to people. And this can be overwhelming. - Cynthia on why artists are usually very emotional, depressed, and suicidal.

Music creates a bond almost instantly when you start playing. - Cynthia on connecting with new and/or hostile audiences.

Selected Links and Mentions

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DE161 Cynthia Brando | Ubiquitous musical spirit championing the love and the talent of others for the benefit of all

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