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Podcasting Your Global Career

May 1, 2020

I hope you’re all fairing well and strong through yet another week of the tough Covid-19 global pandemic.

There won’t be any talk of the virus in today’s show. Instead, I’ll be reviewing my experience with Technology over the years, and give you insights on why going for top quality in every Tech project you have going on, is the key to your success.

Recording Interview’s via Skype or Zoom

This week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed and perform live via Skype, on “This N’ That” a show featured on WABC TV, Chattanooga TN.

Personally, I only use Skype for regular calls with the V.As who help me out with producing the dHarmic Evolution podcast/TV show.

I’m more accustomed to using “Zoom” for the actual DE podcast for video, and, despite not having used Skype for such work in about 1 and a half years, I was not only able to enjoy the entire interview and performance but also left the host of the show James Howard very impressed with the sound quality of my interview. (Make a statement with good audio!)

The numerous singers and songwriters that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on the show can bear witness on my commitment to producing shows with only high quality .wav format songs. Because that’s the format I request they submit their songs in.

Tune in to the show and find out how the ecamm skype recording software can automatically aid you in saving tons of interview files which you might later need for record management and information retrieval.

The show also features songs from 2 of my previous guests Zelda Dashiell and Peter Lewy who were the first artists to send me the files I requested for the Here to Share and Care music video project. And if you too, want to be a part of the project, feel free to email me your file at:

Remember we all need God’s help, and each other now more than ever. With the pandemic hitting all regions globally, do whatever you can to help those that are in need of your help.


(4:58) Holding my interview and song performance over Skype
(10:20) Why.Wav format is better than.Mp3 when presenting your music
(14:23) James Howard’s experience after hosting me
(16:20) Here to Share and Care video project progress
(18:35) Enjoy Cease the Fire by Zelda Dashiell
(28:02) Some other way by Peter Lewy

Selected links and mentions
ecamm call recorder for skype on Mac
DE123: Zelda Dashiell | Fight on, Zelda!
DE81: Peter Lewy | The Cellist Singer-Songwriter from NYC
Peter Lewy
Zelda Dashiell
James Howard

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